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Published by bryanlyt, on July 23rd, 2008.


Okay.. To all my blog readers, i need a favour from all of you… I’ve already asked few people before this and they were willing to help me… But SOME were doing it under my bribery… *evil laughs* wakakakak! Ehh come on laa… I’m not that evil, RIGHT??? Heheee…

So are you willing to help me??? Just some simple task…

I just need YOU to include a badge button into your blog’s sidebar column…
It looks like this:



Here’s the HTML codings for you to paste on your blog’s sidebar:

<center><a href="" target="self">
<img src="" border="0"></a><br />
<a href="">bryanlyt</a></center>


If you do not know how to place it or where to place it, follow this instruction:

(For Blogspot users)
Go to “Dashboard” -> “Edit Layout” -> “Add A Page Element” -> “HTML/Javascript” -> Paste the codings in it -> SAVE it!


After pasting the code on your sidebar, PLEASE fill in this form… To let me know that you’ve placed the button badge on your blog… Otherwise, I wouldn’t know you actually helped me by placing the button badge on your blog… (=


Yes, after you’ve included the HTML codings and submitting the form above, it’s all done! =D
If you’re so kind and want to help me somemore, get more of your friends to do the same thing for me!! xP

Okay, all the instructions done.. So now I’m sure most of you might be wondering… What is this thing for? Why should you help me?

Well ohh well… It’s actually part of my ‘SmashpOp PIMPS You’ contest entry… If i managed to persuade a blogger to include the button badge above with my name below it, it will be counted as ONE entry from me… For example, if there are 10 bloggers included the codings above into their blogs, which means i’d be having 10 entries under my name! Of course, in every contest the more entries you have, the higher chances of winning right?? So yeahh… It’s like that…

Besides that, IF I were to get the FIRST prize, I will randomly pick a blogger who has included the button badge under my name…….. To get a Sony Walkman MP3 Player from me for FREE!! Yes, I know… I’m the ohh-so-generous guy… I’m willing to let go one of my prizes to you all… xP Okay that’s IF I get to win the first prize lolol…

For more details or any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact me thru MSN… IF you do not have my MSN, there’s a “Contact Me?” tab on top of this page… Use the form to contact me… I’ll reply you as soon as humanly possible… =D

Thank you very much…

lolol wtf! xD


- UPDATES!! (25th July) -

I’ve mentioned earlier that IF i were to get the first prize for this contest, I’d be giving away the Sony Walkman player away ritee??
Since it would be quite unfair for me to pick only ONE person to win the Sony Walkman MP3 Player, I’ll do it like this…
I’ll do it the REFERRAL way… Whoever helped me to introduce their friends to put up the smashpop pimp badge, stands a chance to win the sony walkman player! And so, whoever introduced the most will win it(including the one from his/her own blog)..

So far, i can tell u the standings laar as of 25th July 2008 @ 10.50pm

15 Referals – wished to remain unknown
5 Referals – wished to remain unknown
4 Referals – Lee Jun Lin
3 Referals – Alvin Kok

There you go… I’ll not mention who it is… but by looking through my cbox, u shud be able to find ONE of them… and by looking through my blog comments for this post, u shud be able to find the other ONE… LOL! =D

Cheers & good luck helping me…
lolol wtf… again… xD
p/s: “lolol wtf” is addictive.. I shall now use it as my last sentence in every blog post from now onwards… so called signature laarh lolol… =D

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