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Stonified wtf!

My contestant profile is…


Link for this video:


Yea this is my Sony Double Exposure promo video wtf -___-

Feel free to comment on the link given below the video. (=

First episode has already been released.

Wanna watch the show? Go bookmark

Every new episodes released on Thursdays, results/elimination show released on Saturdays.

Okay thanks bai. Damn memaluified -___-

The Wackiest I Would I Do to Race for N96!

What the… title? Apa itu weyh?

Well this time around, Nokia is organizing the Nokia N96 Race on the 6th December 2008!

What?!? 6th December?!? Isn’t that MY BIRTHDAY!?!? Yesss, it is! A reminder for those who forgotten my birthday or those who don’t even know when’s my birthday lolol! Most importantly don’t forget my birthday presents tau! Heehee… xD

Therefore, I shall do this post properly and hopefully gain an entry to participate in the Nokia N96 Race! Because if I were to be chosen as one of the participant, I’ll get my hands on the Nokia N96 for FREE! Wow wow whee!~ What a great birthday present for me IF I dapat lolol! Damn nice can? (ala SmashpOp)

Wait! That’s not all! IF my team wins this ultimate race on the 6th December, I’ll win ANOTHER unit of Nokia N96 and also a FULLY paid vacation for two to Phuket courtesy of Nokia!
So… If I win this race and won TWO Nokia N96, I MIGHT consider organizing a contest in my blog and make one of it as prize okay? I say, MIGHT. (=

Wheee~ Alamak! Think too far already. Well it all depends on the judges to choose the best two anyway. Too bad there would only be TWO bloggers lucky enough to represent Nuffnang for this race.

*Hint hint Nuffnang & any other judges concern*

Make my 18th birthday a memorable one please!

… …

So back to the topic!

Wackiest?!? Let me get the meaning of the word WACKY accurately!

1. Definition of WACKY: unusual act in an exciting or silly way
(Cambridge Advance Learner’s English Dictionary)

- OR -

2. Definition of WACKY: informal or slang terms for mentally irregular
(Essential English Dictionary)

- OR -

3. Definition of WACKY: Eccentric or irrational; Crazy, Silly
( / (

You see! I got do my research okay! Went and search from my dictionary and online as well. xD

Well let me tell you this. When I first received the email in which I was required to write a blog post about the WACKIEST I would do, I went to check the proper meaning of wacky, and then the movie Jackass came into my mind! Have you seen any of the Jackass movies? Yes? No? If yes, you should probably know how insanely wacky they are! If no, you should probably go watch it if you’re not a faint hearted ahah!

jackass movie

jackass stunts


Those are just a small tiny bit part of their wacky-but-not-THAT-wacky stunts okay. There’s a whole lot more extremely wacky stunts by them that you should probably go watch! Go download it buy the DVD lolol! xD

So do you think that I would be wacky enough to do those things? Yes of course! Who said no?!?

Well, urhmmm……

Okayyy, nahh I’m lying.

I mean, people who do those things are undeniable foolish idiots okay! I’m smart enough to not do such stunts.

But I have to admit, those jackass guys truly deserve this award below lolol.

jackass award


Although I’m not AS WACKY AS those dumb Jackass people (which I doubt any of you would do their dumb jackass stunts), whatever wacky challenges there is in the Nokia N96 Race, I would go full fit/full force for it because I don’t think the N96 race would be as foolishly wacky as the Jackass movie lolol! Rightttt??? xD

I don’t need to express here in words or pictures or whatever on how wacky I can go in order to race for the N96 because,
Nothing is Impossibleā„¢ for me just for the sake of winning the Nokia N96 & the fully paid vacation trip to Phuket on my 18th birthday!
(Sorry Adidas, curi your tagline lolol)

All I can say is…

Bring it on!


Happy Birthday Seth!

It’s been great knowing you.

Minta maaf ye. Didn’t bring your present yesterday lolol!

I blog this post as ganti la ye?

Anyway happy birthday!

May we all meet again sometime for a DE reunion!

Byebye Borneo guy!





I’m having blogger’s block. Thus, no updates till i got ilham to blog lolol.

I Am Back….

plenty of dramas happened during the last few days

and i really don’t like it

playing with emotions suck

but no matter what I’ll just continue trying my very best to improve

and try not to disappoint my partner again

I’m sorry……


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