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Small-Kids-Used-To-Be CNY Reunion

Earlier today, i went to one of my primary school teacher’s house to ‘bai nian’ and at the same time a primary school reunion thingy, but not all attended lor as usual.

nothing much, too tired already. tomorrow blog again. if not tomorrow, then day after tomorrow. see how la.

to those who wants the original copy of the group picture, buzz me on msn k.

i’ll send it to u. babai! (=

continue enjoying the chinese moo moo year holidays while you can! :D

How Was Your Chinese New Year?

As title, how was your chinese new year laa? Great? Not so good? Dapat angpao alot? Makan minum alot? Menang duit alot? Share your experience la :D

As for me, it was okayy laa. Ang pao bukannye dapat banyak pun. Makan minum, got laa here and there. It’s just that i think last year’s CNY was better i guess. More angpaos last year woi!

On the first day of CNY, i went to my ah ma’s house to collect my first batch of angpao this year. Not that happening already compared to last year. I think because of recession and economy drop blablabla. Aihh~
Later on, went to my relatives’ CNY “open house” @ Boulevard Hotel, Mid Valley. Invited alot of people weyh, 70% of the people there i tak pernah nampak before wan ahaha! Went there, got good got bad la. Good thing is each of us received a big angpao from the host, free buffet, got tak-pernah-nampak-punya-lenglui to see lololol!™ But the thing is the open house was kinda boring. Usual chinese makan-makan got those elder people sing chinese oldies karaoke la here and there. OMG can die faint weyh, bukannye sing until damn nice pun. -___-

Oklaa pictures time.

the attendees

the buffet served

it was so boring that you see, even my little cousins tried to entertain themselves with their parents’ handphone games.

Because it was too boring, i also entertained myself by playing with the camera :D
Few photos here. Damn random i tell u.

Played with wireless flash as well! :D
My little cousin from Johor

But good thing is, i get one big angpao there and also free lunch buffet ahaha!
Anyway gong xi fa cai again people. I’m damn bored now. Who got open house, invite me can? :D

Welcome The Year Of Ox

Happy Chinese New Year worr!

????! ????! ????! ????!~

Hohoho~ Let us welcome the year of the OX!

project 365 – day 25

Want to see the backside?


Anyway, i’ve checked my horoscope here.

Although you are rearing to surge ahead, this is another year of caution for the horse. Not a good year to strike out in new directions, consolidate your positions instead. On the brighter side, Love will bring comfort this year.

Hmmm, not really a good one wor. Takpe lah.

Anyway people, enjoy your CNY and get as many ang paos as possible alrite!
Got open house, do invite me as well k! (=

This blog will take 1-2 days CNY holiday without updates, because most probably nobody’s gonna visit my blog when they are busy collecting ang paos, betul tak?


p/s: anyway the answer to what happened next in the previous post, the guy ate it lorr.
Lame, i know. -__-

Tragedy Of The Ice Cream Waffle!

One fine day, three people went to KLCC. They were hungry, and so off they go to the food court.
Someone ordered this ice cream peach waffle thingy.

(Project 365 – Day 24)
- Taken using Canon Digicam deii! Not bad la kan? (:

Okay continue…

And then, something happened OMG! D:

What happen larr?







Stay tuned to the next post to find out!


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