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Taylor’s Orientation Day

Waste of time -_-!!
Not much to report about. Almost all the FICM returning students went back home or headed to some other places in the morning even before ALL the speeches were finished. All hail our ‘taylor’s spirit’ wtf!
Thank god Taylor’s have students like me and few others who continued staying in the college lolol.

I’m not gonna go for the second session tomorrow, since i’ve already known all the stuff they’re gonna tell us anyway. And also considering i asked some of them in msn whether they’re attending tomorrow’s session and ALL of them said NO wtf (again, all hail the ‘taylor’s spirit’ lolol) -_-!!

Where’s our timetable? They told us to check our student portal but it’s not there wth?! How are we supposed to know what time does classes start on Monday? @.@

And… i don’t like the new Taylor’s shirt design, doesn’t work out for me :S
i’d prefer last year’s plain one lolol

On the other hand, i’ve looked thru the newly amended degree subjects and i find some of them kinda interesting. But then again, the names of the subjects might be deceiving. Who knows if one of the subject like Music Sound Studio, it might just be studying the history of music or sort of lolol! Borinnggg~~~

Okay finish reporting
kthxbai! D:

It’s Tomorrow! D:

Wah! So fast nyerr~
My College Uni Degree is starting tomorrow! After so many months of holidays, finally my first semester degree is starting and its Bachelor of Communication & Media Management @ Taylor’s College.

I don’t know whether should i be happy? or should i be disappointed that uni’s starting tomorrow? Yes, of course i’m eager to meet up with all my ex-FICM classmates and also not forgetting some new students coming from other colleges (hopefully more perempuan pedas coming in my class) :D
But then again, thinking of the assignments and the workload given to us during degree kinda made me think twice from saying “YAY!” to college uni. This time my degree course would be 100% assignment based, which means NO exams for the entire 3 years period! OMG now i’m not sure whether i still want this or not, scarryyyyyy~~ D”:

Anyway, I’m now already in my college apartment room. Which means i gotta say babai to my mum’s homecook food, no more freshly cut fruits after dinner, no more mum washing clothes for me everyday, no one nagging at me (whoops!) Ahahah! :P

So yea, i’ll just stop right here. Gotta go grab some dinner outside now. :(
I’ll see what can i blog about tomorrow’s and friday’s Orientation Day.
In the meantime, i’ll show you people a picture of my college apartment room taken by my phone. Ohh, minus off the bed and the attached bathroom (=

Just only tidy up the place, but i’m sure after one week the place wouldn’t be the same ahaha!

Emo Mew

I Iz Emo…

Not gonna update anytime soon, i think?
Too busy.
(No, really! It’s not just a plain excuse lolol)
Okayy, maybe add on a little bit of the lazy factor inside :S

p/s: Ohh btw i shot the above picture with a digicam only(of course with some minor PP touch-ups)
The BOKEH macam 50mm lens weyh! (=

Dragonball Evolution? Kame Hame Haaaaa!

Nuffnang has always never failed in providing us free movie screenings to enjoy. Thus, this time around they are bringing us to watch the film adaptation of the ‘Old Skool’ Dragon Ball cartoon series entitled, Dragonball Evolution!

According to this, I would need to do some stuff to obtain the free movie passes. Therefore i’ve created a customized Dragonball movie poster starring myself xD

dragonball evolution

Click HERE to compare it with the original poster i used to edit (:


So yaahh, i’m done! It’s that easy :D
So now i’ll just have to wait for them to send me the confirmation email and off i go to Kame Hame Haaa!~ lololol!

You wanna come as well? i have one extra ticket if i’m going. Just tell me if you wanna come.
Well, if you wanna get more tickets, just click on this banner below to find out more.


So that’s it. Blog updated! lololol~
Babai people!


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