Tasty Pot BBQ Steamboat Buffet @ Sunway Mentari

Published by bryanlyt, on March 30th, 2009.

What did you people did during Earth Hour yesterday night? Did you all switch off your lights from 8.30pm – 9.30pm?
If yes, good for you. If no, *high five* LOL!

Not that i didn’t want to off my lights, i actually wanted to go lookout point and see the changes before Earth Hour starts and after. But in the end, forget it lah let’s go makan steamboat lolol!

Few of us out of random went to Sunway Mentari for steamboat. Initially wanted to go Yuen Steamboat, but heck so many waiting outside the restaurant when we drove pass. So we drove one round and decided to settle @ Tasty Pot BBQ Steamboat Buffet because it was kinda full house and i was kinda hungry so buffet is good for me LOL.

We got to choose 2 different soups per pot, and we ended up ordering the normal ones herbal & tomyam instead of those soya bean soup, porridge, etc…

There’s quite a number of choices to choose from the buffet selection. There’s the seafood counter, the fishball meatball whatever balls counter, the vegetable & noodle counter, the chicken wing counter, the noodle and rice counter and also the BBQ grill counter where you can ask the guy in charge to help you grill your stuff there. Ohh not forgetting the ice cream dessert counter, which i didn’t get to eat because was too busy finishing the chicken wings while others were already eating their ice cream already lolol.

What can i say? For a RM23.80 per pax steamboat buffet, it’s OKAAYYYY laaaa~ Standard kuaa. However i realised that, we’re paying money to cook ourselves and yet it’s like so little and so slow LOL. Like what my friend said, eat expensive chicken rice RM10 also can make your tummy satisfied, wanna pay more for something which you have to cook yourself yet take longer time to satisfy yourself lol.

But the thing i like about Tasty Pot is that you get to sit outside and chill, enjoy the fresh ‘city-polluted-air’ lolol. Unlike Yuen, you need to sit inside, so stuffy. And also the honey-garlic-marinated chicken wings tasted not bad in Tasty Pot, but i was kinda thirsty after eating those chicken wings. And i saw some people with grilled crabs, but i didn’t get to try. Actually i didn’t actually try a lot of things because was too busy eating chicken wings and ballssss LOL.

Anyway worth the try laa. If you happen to be bored of Yuen Steamboat, try Tasty Pot.
Here’s the address if you need them. (=

Tasty Pot Restaurant
No. 9, Jalan PJS 8/18,
Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel:  03-56301282

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12 Responses to “Tasty Pot BBQ Steamboat Buffet @ Sunway Mentari”

  1. A.Ung says:

    They have porridge steamboat as well there? I must try!


  2. maRCus says:

    yummy! sedap nampak!! XD

  3. hyperX says:

    Is Yuen better or Tasty Pot better? Coz I’m sick and tired of Yuen’s steamboat already.

  4. EVo says:

    Yo yo bro…if u think rm23′s exp, then u should try Lao Ma Zi in Bandar Puteri puchong…rm18 only and the malat soup is damn power!better ambience than yuen steamboat and no need to lausai..coz my fren always lausai when he goes to yuen..ahahahaa…

  5. bryanlyt says:

    [A.Ung] yup, go ahead and try! don’t forget to tryout the chicken wings too (=

    [maRCus] yealo sedap! bila nak belanja i? :P

    [hyperX] i think TastyPot’s better for u if you’re sick of Yuen already (=

    [EVo] ooo isit? hmmm puchong kinda far for me :P but anyway i’ll look out for it whenever i go puchong aite (=

  6. #foods says:

    are they offering Halal?

  7. disgusted says:

    the most disgusting steamboat I have ever eat. The seafood is not fresh,

    for example

    1) stingray meat should be solid, but today is so soft and it smell funny.
    2) the prawn smell funny too
    3) Lala still have sand inside it, end up the whole pot is full of sand

    Not many variety to choose from. The boss told us went we were seated down that they have 150 items to choose from but on the tables is less than 100, he also said got new zealand lamb, where got need to side order.

    This shop is con man, why i tick on the menu chinese tea ice and it is written serve in pot but ended up they give me chinese tea ice serve in cup somemore charge us RM1 per cup.

    I asked the boss but he tell us dont have wor… it is served in cup…. but i told him it is written serve in pot…. he just say sorry and walk away…

    RM23.80 it is not worth it, the food quality is bad, not much choice to choose from, the service is bad, the soup base taste horrible.

    I better pay a little bit more can eat shabu shabu buffet.

  8. SunnyLow says:

    update (Sep 14, 2009):

    YES, agree with disgusted, this shop is CON!

    BTW, price already increased:
    adult – RM26.80
    Kid – RM13.40 (height 90-130cm)
    kid below 90cm is free

    HEY, my 3 year old son is about 95cm and need to pay half price… just wonder how much he can eat!!!

    Crab is not fresh!

    When asking for more lamb after long queue, the waiter give you stupid face!

    don’t accept credit card even the HUGE AMEX logo on their shop logo… said the machine is down bla bla bla…

  9. oh is that good??

    i’m still pondering between Yuan and TastyPot coz i have a friend who recommend me TastyPot too… but i still wanna go to Yuan because i wanna try how good is it……..

  10. Pb says:

    Tasty Pot sucks. End of story.
    Lousy service, lousy soup, lesser varities, dirty clams, no BBQ available cause they had to BBQ a whole lot of crabs for don’t know who for almost an hour, and lesser desserts and NO refillable drinks! All for RM26! Better go ‘Summer Bbq’ a few blocks away.

  11. daniel says:

    puchong puteri have a new buffet steamboat call milkbear, variety and i like the special curry soup n porridge soup^^

  12. ivy says:

    this place SUCKS!!!
    the SOUP is tasteless!!!
    they charge for the plate, bowls and chopsticks!!
    no beef no pork…
    6pax is rm207.. and we only add one pot of tea
    one thing nice is only the honey coated fried chicken!!


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