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New Zealand Natural Ice Cream Giveaway

Have you heard of the New Zealand Natural IC Ice Cream Giveaway?

Yes, they’re giving away free ice creams! I had mine earlier today.

If you’ve not heard about it, head over to their facebook fan page HERE for more info.

This week they’re rewarding those people born in the year ’87, ’88, ’89, ’90 and ’91 with FREE Jr ice creams per person and 50% off Large ice cream tub! Every week the year changes so that more old and young people will each get their own chances lol. Luckily they announced my year this week because it has been few weeks they did not announce 1990 and i almost wanna boycott them already lol~ Nevermind, they read my mind ahah.

If you wanna go redeem, make sure bring along your Identity Card and present it to the counter for verification purposes. Bring along your friends too! Spread the good news (=
Ohh and it’s only redeemable Monday – Friday (5pm – 8pm). So which means tomorrow is the last day for ’87 – ’91 people LOL~ Be quick!




Anal sex = Pissed off sex maa~!

No meh?



Nokia E75 – Email With Ease

Went for the Nokia Blogger Email Night yesterday @ Solaris Mont Kiara which they talked about the latest Nokia E75 and Nokia Messaging.
The likes of SmashpOp, KY, Shaolin Tiger, Suanie, Kimberlycun, Nigel Sia, etc etc.. were all present that night.
Mr Bambos (Nokia Marketing Manager for M’sia, Sg’pore, Brunei) and Mr Glenn Cha (Nokia Malaysia Product Manager) brainwashed gave a presentation regarding emails, Nokia Messaging service and also touched on the promotion of the new Nokia E75. They had also handed out a few units of Nokia E75 for us to try out. I like the RED one, very SEXY lol~

Free food, drinks, talks, meeting new people = Awesome~! (=

Thanks DavidLian for inviting and also for the ride!


*Commercial break starts*

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Taylor’s Mass Colympics 2009

I wanna start the post by complaining,

It’s either damn hot kao kao in a day or rain heavily kao kao aihh~ Spoil mood wan.

Omg it was so freakin’ hot that day, i sweat-ed kao kao non stop, and what’s more? NEW pimples came out the next day after the Mass Colympics!!! @.@

Nevermind skip that -_-

Anyway it was my first Mass Colympics since i joined Taylor’s last year. Organized by the Final Year Diploma in Communication students.

Not bad la, i think it’s abit kelam kabut in the morning, eventually made it through the flow throughout the afternoon i guess. Ohh and i also heard from my classmate who stayed till the end that day, that there were a few bands playing at the stage but no one were there spectating it, all busy doing their own stuff or activities going on at the same time. Damn kesian sia sui kan? LOL

So what’s the agenda? What’s up with Mass Colympics?

There’s this autograph session with the ‘overrated’ Allan Wu.

People were like queuing up to get a picture and an autograph from Allan Wu but Rashid Salleh was pretty much left alone wandering around the venue. Go line up and take autograph from Rashid Salleh instead man. Nicholas even said that Allan Wu couldn’t even reach the top of the MINI rock climbing, instead Rashid Salleh who had dressed in pretty much an office wear kinda outfit managed to get to the top. What’s this man Allan Wu? You’re supposed to be FIT!

Anyway there were few games during the Mass Colympics.
Paintball was one of the popular ones among the students.

Amazing Race as well.

Congrats Didi, Leonard and the rest of the team for getting second place! Enjoy your ‘AMAZING prizes’ LOL~

As i said before, rock climbing also got.

There were futsal and many others too!
But i didn’t know where were the other games held at that time so didn’t bother going anywhere further ahah. Damn hot laa malas wanna walk far far.

Instead, halfway thru the event i met Albert and he pinjam-ed me his Carl Zeiss 135 1.8 lens.
(Thanks for poisoning, Albnok. LoL~)

So what to do? Make use of the long range and skodeng people laa ehehe!

I seriously don’t know this guy wan, but he posed for quite a while there so i focused on him lo ahahah!

Do you see Vvens? lol~

and many more skodeng pictures which would remain inside my folder undisclosed lol~

Group picture before we all headed elsewhere.
Not a complete one tho, EVo was taking this photo, maRCus was behind us talking to some guy, Josh Lim i don’t know where he went at that time.

After that, i hitched a ride onto maRCus’ car and headed to St. John’s Institution Family Day.

Went there to meet some ol’ high school mates, lepak lepak and stuff like that. I think that SJI Family Day ’09 was boring as compared to the previous one when i was form 2 or 3 forgotten lol, i don’t know about others.

Aaaaahhhh oklaa sudah habis updating.

Do check out them out too!

Josh Lim

Babai people~


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