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KLue Urbanscapes ’09

EVENT: Urbanscapes 2009 – The city’s all-day creative arts festival
VENUE: KLPAC, Sentul Park
DATE: 27th June 2009
TIME: 12pm – 12am

However, i didn’t stay that long laa lol. Got back home around 7pm already half dead lol!

Anyway, pictures first!

  1. The weather was so hot can die faint! Sweating all the time! Luckily got air cond rooms and theatre in the building.
  2. Met more people than i expected. It’s like you go into this room, you’ll bump into someone you know; you head on to another section, you’ll bump into another friend lol. It’s like the whole world’s there wtf. Even KennySia came with a KDU t-shirt after his special appearance thingy in KDU that same morning.
  3. I think they’re trying to cut cost this year. Instead of the colourful rotating wheel thingy they had last year, they replaced it with balloons this year :/
  4. Ohh but then they also have this large TV screen which displays live Twitter updates, similar to the one during Nokia N97 launch.
  5. Saw many artsy fartsy stuff sold in the bazaar, eye opening!
  6. Some of the stand-ups, live band, gigs performances were goood! I said some only… a few others were kinda lame and boring lol.
  7. One of my picture was chosen to be exhibited in the 24HourKL section which i thought they were gonna like print out & exhibit or something. But then when i got there, they displayed our submissions through a crappy projector which cannot see the actual picture clearly AT ALL! Somemore they put it at the corner facing the back which makes it harder for visitors to spot it. >:{
  8. I bought a small mineral water bottle for RM3 wtf. A can of 100 Plus also RM5 okay. Con people wan ishh.
  9. Ohh and I also got myself a Celcom Xpax simpack which i don’t know for what lol, no extra phone to use also.
  10. By the way, I ain’t a KLPAC virgin anymore :P

Yay Urbanscapes! heh :P

Haunted Hospital

A friend of mine recently snapped this picture below in a hospital.

Once he reached home, he found something unusual in the picture.

I’m not gonna tell what it is, but see if you can spot the unusual yourself.

Take your time looking through the picture below, do not rush. The more you rush, the more panic you’ll get.

Please do not announce the answer in the comment box below to avoid scaring the fainted hearts!

PJ Challenge ’09 Bloggers Karnival

It was last Saturday. I only made up my mind to go for the event one day before even though i had registered for it long ago.

Well nothing much about it actually, the whole event looked more like a PJ family day to me. We missed out on the treasure hunt in the morning so pretty much we have nothing to do, only waited for the bloggers’ talk session(Blog 411) in the afternoon.

The speakers for the bloggers’ talk:

Kenny SiaNiki Cheong (The Star R.A.G.E. columnist)

Jason GohRames

MissyCheerioAmanda Choe

Josh LimMr Soh Hem Sem

Aside from the talk and all the stuff, the event is pretty much a bore to me.

Luckily it was worth the time as MoJosh managed to win an Acer laptop for the live blogging contest!

Group picture
taken from Howard’s camera

Fisheye lens!

Ohh and by the way, i just came back from Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen screening.
Thanks to LG for the screening tickets!

I’d say the movie was good! But certainly not one of the best movies. Great CGI effects, great everything here and there, got slow mo Megan Fox to see… ^_^
However, there’s a lack of something in this movie. Not sure whether is it the storyline or something else hmmm…

But anyway, worth watching laa (=

I AM DONE ! ! !

Finally the FIRST semester of my degree course has come to an end!

Handed in my last PR assignment earlier and by the time you see this scheduled post, probably i’m already hanging out somewhere ‘celebrating’ with collegemates already lol!

Anyone wanna hang out, vacation, futsal session, events, birthdays, whatever so thingy… Ask me out la okeh? I think i’ll be damn free until the end of July lol.

Okay will update about PJ Challenge Bloggers Karnival soon, so stay tuned okeh?


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