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It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

Krrunch Time at Home!

Introducing the main characters…

Nuff and Nang!


One mellow afternoon, Nuff is reading his book in the room.

Nang came in.
He looked at Nuff being so bored, so he invited him to play…

However Nuff rejected, it did not interest him at all.

Out of nowhere…

Wait! Haven’t ended yet!

To view the whole story, watch the stop motion video below:


Nuffnang, would you take me to the Nuffnang Regional Blog Awards ’09?

Arthur’s Day ft. Black Eyed Peas @ Sunway Surf Beach

EVENT: Guinness Arthur’s Day
DATE: 25th September 2009
VENUE: Sunway Surf Beach

It’s Arthur’s Day! For Arthur! Woohooo~

Was supposedly to be getting Media Passes for the event, but then last minute changes so I got VIP passes instead.
Kena con lol! But nevermind, still okay got free flow (=

Thanks Adele Chow & Nuffnang!

Zues, Tzia, Adele dgn saya

Serena C with the rest of the emcees

So, who performed?

Danny One


MJ 116

MC Hotdog

Joe Flizzow

Not forgetting, the most anticipated act of the night…

Black Eyed Peas





I recorded videos, but then it turned out sucky when i watched it on the computer. So decided not to upload then -.-

I gotta feeling~
That tonight’s gonna be a good good night~

KLIA – Goodbye Kevin…

EVENT: The Day Kevin Left Malaysia…
DATE: 22th September 2009
VENUE: Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

It was an early morning for those who came to the airport on Tuesday.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport KLIA

A bunch of us were there to send Kevin off to London.

KLIA farewell

With his family and cousins

KLIA family

Overweight overweight overweight!
He gotta repack his luggage before boarding the plane lolol~

*lol sorry his face motion blur, didn’t use flash :P *

One last group photo before he leaves

Click here for larger version


goodbye KLIA

All the best in UCL bro!


Farewell Party for Kevin and Ru Jin

EVENT: Kevin + Ru Jin’s Farewell Party
DATE: 18th September 2009
VENUE: Kevin Hoong’s Mansion :P

Bye Malaysia, Hello UK!

Kevin and RuJin are gonna leave Malaysia to UK in a few days time for studies.

All their close friends came for the party at Kevin’s mansion haha.

These are all SBU-ians if i’m not mistaken… (except Kevin)

The SJI-ians, glory glory Johannians!

People from my class during high school! (Except Theng)

All these pretty model faces, you all sure know who are they already.
So, don’t need anymore introduction laa ahaha :P


Klaa that’s it.
The rest of the photos are on Facebook. Tagged you all already.

To Kevin and Ru Jin, all the best in UK and don’t forget us lolol!



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