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Nuffnang Awards Gala Dinner (Day 1)

EVENT: Nuffnang Awards Gala Dinner (Day 1)
DATE: 23rd October 2009
VENUE: Pan Pacific Hotel Ballroom, Singapore

There were SO MANY pictures in my camera!!! So i’ll just make a brief blog post about the #nnawards gala dinner.

Let’s go to the Nuffnang Awards Singapore! Lol :D

These are some of the people i met that night

Audrey FourfeetnineXiaxueKenny Sia
CheesieJojo StruysNicoleKiss

Jian AkiraceoJoanne PehRobb Chew
Zheng DhongJacquelynLeslie Chin

Samantha ChowKim WeiweiChee Ching
Vivien SamNatalie ChaiZoe Yve

As well as many other people such as Boss Ming & Timothy Tiah (co-founders of Nuffnang), Violet & her boyfriend (Aussie Nuffnang bloggers), Adele Chow, Tzia, Jeremy Choy, Nicholas Chin, Jayden, Yi Ching and many many more…
Srsly a lot of people ahaha!

And hello, don’t forget about the food okayy lolol!

Of all the dishes, i only like the cake. The chicken mash potato thingy was not bad as well (=

Kim Weiwei, Bboyrice and myself (3AM gang) jumped during #nnawards dinner too! But too bad, 3AM gang are always incomplete when it comes to getting together lol.

Photo from the official photographer:

Samantha & Kristine by my side lol

As well as the group photo of some Malaysian and Singaporean Nuffnang bloggers

Ohh as for the Nuffnang Awards results? Check out the winners from #nnawards website!


BTW, whoever wants their pictures from me, feel free to message me or something kay!

Day 2 and Day 3 of Singapore trip will be posted up in the next few posts, so stay tuned! :D

Nuffnang Awards Singapore (Sneak Preview)

What happened during Nuffnang Awards Gala Dinner 2009 in Singapore?

Here are some images to give you a sneak peek on the event, full post will be updated soon =]


Pan Pacific Hotel Ballroom

Xiaxue appeared on the red carpet

Kenny Sia with Joanne Peh after receiving their awards

Kenny Sia doing a jump shot with Jeremy

I like the cake!

Toilet break! The girls invaded the gents’ washroom lol!

Free photo prints during that night (which turned out pretty sucky! the photographer sucks!)

The nominees and winners for the Nuffnang Awards

The Nuffies who worked hard to make this event a successful one

Some of the Malaysian and Singaporean bloggers present

Okay laa, too many pictures for a sneak preview post already ahaha.

Will update more soon =]

Arrival @ Link Hotel, Singapore

Just a short video update here at Singapore for the Nuffnang Awards.

Was supposed to upload it before i go for the gala dinner yesterday. Manatau came back to hotel room upload failed wtf.

But yeah, here it is. Delay one day nevermind la hor? Heh ;D

Brewball Mid Valley

One fine afternoon…

Chilling at Starbucks, Mid Valley.

We were bored that we decided to go Brewball MV to play pool.


Well only some of us played laa.

Jason Ong

Jeremy Choy

Michelle Lee

Well, no prizes on guessing who won.

Because each of us also got win each other ;)


BTW, two more days till

I’m leaving for Singapore this coming Friday till Sunday!



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