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Hatched SG

Hahah just realised i haven’t posted on the food part of Hatched Singapore!

FYI, Hatched is a restaurant in Singapore which revolves around the theme of eggs. I would say it’s an interesting chill out place with a unique, cozy ambience, warm and friendly people.

Their juices are freshly squeezed, but my mum can make better orange juice ;)

(Smoked salmon folded over scrambled eggs with chive cream, served with toast & sauteed potatoes with caramelized onions)

I ordered this and it’s not too bad. Tho the salmon wasn’t really fresh and the tomato was very olive-oil-ish… =X

And the rest of the meal…

Burly Benedict
(English muffin, topped with corned Wagyu beef, poached egg and Mornay sauce, served with sauteed potatoes with caramelised onions)

(Creamy scrambled eggs stuffed in a croissant, served with homemade mash)

Where’s Waffle?
(Waffles served with butter, fresh cream and maple syrup, topped with blueberries + Black Forest ham and an egg)

Where’s Waffle?
(Waffles served with butter, fresh cream and maple syrup, topped with blueberries & ice cream)

Basically i think people don’t come to Hatched expecting for a high quality breakfast set, they’d come because of the friendly boss, ambience warm feeling, cozy environment, as regular customers. I wouldn’t say that the food is top notch but it has potential and improving somehow i guess. I wouldn’t know much because i had only been there once.

Go try it if you happen to visit Singapore and lemme know what’s your verdict! ;)

You can get their info & details from their website HERE or their Facebook page HERE.




Legend of the Seas

Hello people, I’m back!!

Was away for almost one week on a cruise ship – The Royal Caribbean Legend of the Seas

Though i went for job purposes, i pretty much enjoyed myself onboard too =]

Wanted to tweet throughout my whole journey on the cruise ship but manatau the ocean got no line hahaha!


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Hypertune Babes, You Want Some?

Sorry for the sudden lack of updates, my blog server had been a pain in the ass during the last few days.

Well anyway, do you wanna see some Hypertune babes/chicks/girls/hotties/whatever you call them?

Hahaha will be posted soon ok! Previous few continuation updates also haven’t posted lol.


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