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Flymas.Mobi – as easy as 1,2,3!

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has introduced its MHmobile: which makes flying a whole lot easier! All you need is a web-enabled mobile phone and you’re ready to book, share and fly on the go!

MAS Malaysia Airlines



You must be thinking, what’s so special about this MHmobile huh?

MAS Mobile Features
MAS Mobile Booking Features

Yup, all the above features in a mobile site for the sake of your convenience! Isn’t it great?

Let me show you an example of the flight booking process!


Log on to -> select Book Flight, then you’ll get into this page below:

MAS Flight Booking

After you’ve chosen your flight details, book it! Then you should be able to see which flight time is available for you and you’d also need to make your payment as shown in the screenshot below:

MAS Mobile Flight Booking

MAS Flight Booking Mobile

After you’ve made your payment for the flight booking, you’ll receive confirmation via email & SMS. Once confirmed, your mobile-booked flight is then automatically issued as an electronic ticket (e-ticket) on your phone.

Like this…


And when you check in to the airport, you’ll just need to take out your mobile phone, scan the e-ticket under the machine like the picture below and you’re ready to board the plane!


So there you go, isn’t it simpler this way that you can do it all in MHmobile portal site and check in just with your mobile phone? It’s paperless and you save the hassle going through the check in counter!

Thanks to MAS, I’ve tried the MHmobile service during the MAS bloggers Penang makan trip and i’d say it’s beneficial and convenient for passengers like us!

Go try it for yourself and see how easy it is! Go to your mobile web browser, log on to and start exploring!


MAS Bloggers Penang Makan Trip

All expense paid for Penang return flight + transport around Penang + Nasi Kandar Line Clear + Penang Famous TeoChew Cendol + Coconut Jelly + Famous Pasembur + awesome bloggers and great company = Malaysia Airlines (MAS)!!!

MAS Airport



Yes yes, MAS really rawks! :P
They sponsored us bloggers for an all-expense paid trip to Penang on the 13th December 2009 hehe!

MAS Bloggers Penang

Our first makan stop in Penang?

Kayu Nasi Kandar

No, not Kayu Nasi Kandar, it was closed that time and we didn’t plan to go there either. You want Kayu, PJ also got la… Why come to Penang lol!

I don’t know what street it is but i’m sure if you’ve been to Penang, you must’ve heard of Nasi Kandar Line Clear =]

Line Clear Penang

From what i heard, it’s actually quite famous and has been existing since a long time ago. It’s situated in a rather hidden, narrow lane among those other bigger restaurants lol.

Line Clear Nasi Kandar

Nasi Kandar Penang

MAS bloggers while queuing up at Line Clear Nasi Kandar!

MAS Food Bloggers

Then off we went for Penang famous TeoChew cendol at Penang Road!

Penang Cendol

WAHHH the cendol nice! But i think it’s abit too sweet hmmm.

Cendol Penang

MAS bloggers FTW!

MAS Bloggers

We also went to Joez Coconut! They serve the famous Penang coconut jelly @ Jalan Dato Keramat!

Coconut Jelly Penang

You want? Nahhh… Coconut jelly for youuuuu!

Coconut Jelly

The boss of Penang famous coconut jelly lol!

Penang Coconut Jelly

Later on, we went to buy some tao sa pia from here (i duno where is it also lol)

Lim Wah Thai Penang

As we were quite short of time and some of us (not me!) were already quite stuffed, we went straight to Padang Kota Lama for the ‘famous’ Pasembur

Padang Kota Lama

Pasembur Penang

What can i say? Like crap lor. KL rojak much better LOL! Or probably because we chose the wrong place to have the ‘famous’ Pasembur hmmm…


Then it was time to head back to Penang airport and then to Kuala Lumpur…

Penang Streets

And this trip was made possible all thanks to MAS and its new MHmobile flight booking service!

With MHmobile service, we managed to check in the flight to and fro KL – Penang without going to the check in counter, without a physical flight ticket, without going through the hassle of booking the normal way, without having to sacrifice trees to produce the physical flight tickets :P

It’s all so easy! As easy as 1, 2, 3 ahaha!

And i’ll show you HOW easy it is in the next blog post! Stay tuned ;)

*UPDATE* – As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Christmas @ Pavilion, Bukit Bintang KL

How was your Christmas people? And how was your Boxing Day earlier today ahah?

Well I just came back from Rock The World 9 concert @ Bukit Jalil earlier this afternoon, An Honest Mistake played awesomely ahah!

Aside from that, the Ampang gang went to Pavilion during Christmas night!

Pavilion Bukit Bintang KL

Went for Snowflake Pavilion! Damn i don’t like it in Pavilion branch, SS15 main branch better! We ordered Snowflakes Bestseller and there wasn’t any drinkable fluid in it! ALL frozen ice shreds inside wtf.

Snowflakes Pavilion

It’s Ms Thoo and the long lost Mojosh!

Mojosh Suetmei

While eating, we heard the announcement saying it’s snowing at the entrance of Pavilion!

Pavilion Christmas

Wahhh like damn ‘wannabe’ like that, ciplak snow wtf.


It’s us in the fake snow! Suetmei and Mynjayz, three of us were from the same kindergarten last time lol! Ampang ampang ampang~

Suetmei Mynjayz

And of course, a group shot of the Ampang gang =]

Mr Goh, Ms Thoo, Mr Ong, Mr Yap, Ms Han, Mr Lim

Ampang Gang

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Alamanda Putrajaya Trip

Last Friday, Advertlets organized a bloggers trip along with media from FlyFM which was hosted by Alamanda Shopping Centre, Putrajaya. It was a fun filled day touring around Putrajaya with activities such as rock climbing, waterski-ing, wakeboarding, shopping and many more!

Alamanda Putrajaya

We started off the day by having breakfast at Old Town White Coffee @ Alamanda Putrajaya.

Old Town White Coffee

Old Town White Coffee has come out with a new membership card system as well! If you drop by any Old Town outlets, do ask from them if you’re interested to get it!

Old Town Bryanlyt

Rames Mynjayz Bryanlyt

Rames Mynjayz Bryanlyt

We received our first batch of goodie bags during breakfast as well! And another batch during dinner! Thank you sponsors!

Goodie Bags

After breakfast, we went for a short walk around Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Centre. The whole trip was basically paid for (except shopping), i didn’t even took out my wallet throughout the day!

Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Centre

And guess what, i regretted for not spending money that day. Why? Because Quiksilver @ Alamanda Putrajaya was having 30% discount sales for all items as well as 70% discount for certain items that day specially for us! And i thought that applies to stores in KL as well, manatau it’s only in Alamanda outlet! Damn sad now have to pay extra in KL outlets :(

Quiksilver Store

Well after shopping, we headed off to Putrajaya Challenge Park at Precinct 5 for a rock climbing session at Putra Climb!

Putra Climb

It wasn’t my first time, but i’d say that Putra Climb’s wall seems to be harder than Camp 5 @ 1 Utama! Well expected laa, since it’s the largest indoor climbing gym in Asia lol.

Rock Climb

Rock climbing go go go! =D

Rock Climbing

After a tiring rock climbing session, we got to rest and enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch at Pullman Lakeside Putrajaya Hotel.

Pullman Hotel Putrajaya

Pullman Hotel Restaurant

Pullman Hotel Buffet

It’s us with Belinda Chee!

Belinda Chee

And more group shots during lunch…

Pullman Group

Evo Selena

Wilson Rachel

Pullman Hotel Group

We had a tour around Pullman Hotel after lunch as well

Pullman Hotel

Swimming Pool Pullman Hotel

Pullman Hotel Architecture

Pullman Hotel Room

Right after the tour, we headed on to Putrajaya Watersport Centre for waterski and wakeboarding session

Putrajaya Waterski Centre

The weather didn’t like us, the sky turned dark when we arrived the place and it rained shortly after that. Thus not all managed to try out waterski activity, including myself lol.

Waterski Putrajaya

Waterski Alamanda

As it was raining and all, we were forced to stop waterski-ing and head back to Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Centre for a light dinner.

Manhattan Fish Market

LOL it’s us @ Manhattan Fish Market!

Manhattan Fish Market

After dinner, we went to GSC Alamanda to watch Avatar movie!

Avatar Movie Poster

The movie was damn awesome! Too bad we watched the normal screening instead of the 3D version, otherwise it would be DOUBLE the awesomeness man!

And this was our last group photo of the day at Putrajaya along with all the other bloggers and FlyFM media.

Alamanda Group Shot

I’m sure we had lots of fun! Can you FEEL it by looking at the pictures?? Hahaha!

Thanks to Advertlets, Alamanda Putrajaya and all the other supporting sponsors for making this trip happen!

* Pictures used in this blog post were either from my own camera or taken by EVo, PlacesAndFoods, SmashpOp, Mynjayz


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