An Honest Mistake @ Rock The World 9

Published by bryanlyt, on January 5th, 2010.

An Honest Mistake is one of Malaysia’s latest sensations to hit the indie music scene. Founded in 2009, they’ve made their way up and recently managed to play in Rock The World 9 event.

An Honest Mistake AHM

Darren Teh (AHM lead vocals / acoustic guitar)

Darren AHM

AHM Darren

Eve Oh (AHM vocals)

Eve Oh



Leonard Chua (AHM electric guitar)

AHM Leonard Chua

Leonard AHM

Joel Dass (AHM bass)

Joel AHM

Kevin Theng (AHM drums)

AHM Kevin Theng

Kevin AHM

Baldwin Chua (AHM sessionist keyboard)

Baldwin AHM

with Nick Davis from Rosevelt band making a guest appearance in AHM’s Rock The World 9 performance

Nick Davis

AHM An Honest Mistake

Rock The World Moshpit

Support An Honest Mistake!

An Honest Mistake Bryanlyt

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5 Responses to “An Honest Mistake @ Rock The World 9”

  1. samanthacje says:

    i is want the stickers too!

  2. Leonard says:

    Wow. This bunch of fellas look damn cool wey.

    Makes me wanna b part of An Honest Mistake too.


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