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Love Disney shows? Then you should check this out!

Disney Channel Asia’s very first Asian television production and the first to be done in Bahasa Malaysia – WAKTU REHAT

Waktu Rehat

Disney’s Waktu Rehat is a school sitcom featuring an ensemble of Malaysian lower secondary school kids who talk about their lives while hanging out in a hallway during breaks. Targeted at eight to 14 year old kids, each five-minute episode is filled with comedy derived from the friendships between the characters amidst normal school life situations.

School Rocks

Waktu Rehat features 11 interesting and highly relatable characters from the fictional school Sekolah Menengah Jalan Mas. The show is set in the school corridor seen through a window where the audience is drawn into the lives of the students as they chat and meet friends during their break times at school. Season 1 has 16 episodes, broadcast in Bahasa Malaysia with English subtitles.

Take a look at Waktu Rehat teaser episode below:

Disney Channel will premiere its first original, made-in-Malaysia short-form series on 31 August 2010, Merdeka Day at 12 noon on Disney Channel (ASTRO Channel 615). If you like the teaser video above, do stay tuned to Waktu Rehat on Disney Channel! Alternatively, you can check out Waktu Rehat website :)

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  1. Bryan Lim says:

    Check out Disney Channel Asia's latest show – Waktu Rehat http://is.gd/eGU9R

  2. Dylan says:

    wow! wonderfully done since its in malay. haha! is it because of the Disney franchise, its quality is up to standard? :P

  3. Calvin says:

    Wow, Malay show on Disney Channel Asia. Here’s hoping that it’s actually going to be a success instead of another flop. LOL.

  4. biopolymath says:

    Finally Malaysian genre found her way to Disney! Must be pretty amazing. Feel so proud of it.

  5. Tiffanyk. says:

    Oh HAHAHA, I saw the ad when I was watching Disney the other day and it’s hilarious the way the announcer pronounces waktu rehat.

    Wahk- tuh Rey-hut.


  6. Kristin says:

    I personally so not fancy this show not because it’s ‘made in malaysia’ but because doesn’t picture the REAL Malaysian school life.

    I ratter watch upin & ipin ;)

  7. Ting says:

    Waktu reheat is so funny!

  8. best la waktu rehat nie kalau boleh saye nak jadi sebahagian ahli ari geng waktu rehat.
    ok itu saja la..

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  10. lyana nazri says:

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