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It had been two weeks since I first got in touch with the BlackBerry Torch 9800 through Maxis10 program and I would say it was an amazing experience. However due to time constrain and constant bombarding of college assignments, I did not manage to find time to do a full featured review and hopefully I would have the chance to continue writing my experience and views about this BlackBerry Torch on this blog. Too bad I didn’t have enough time to really write a better post.

But anyway, here’s a video showing the BlackBerry OS 6 to conclude my two weeks of Maxis10 reviewer program.

Hereby I would like to thank Maxis for giving me the opportunity to be one of the first in Malaysia to review the BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone as well as gratefully thanking the person in charge (two of you, you know who you are) for liaising with us bloggers all these while.

In the meantime, check out the Maxis10 Facebook app and look out for the next batch of Maxis10 phone reviewers!


BlackBerry Torch 9800 Camera

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 camera features a 5 megapixel camera with a flash embedded. I would have to say that it does shoot good pictures and videos but not great; it does not perform how it is supposed to be as a 5 megapixel camera. However, it is by far the best camera among all the BlackBerry in the market.

It has scene modes function to adjust the camera output accordingly (low light, portrait, landscape, close-up, etc.)

BlackBerry Torch Camera Scene

There are options allowing you to play your photos as slideshow, sharing your photos through email or uploading it to Facebook, embedding GPS coordinates into your photos each time they are taken, etc… Pretty much basic requirements for a smartphone camera these days i would say, although the camera does lags once in a while (i’m guessing it’s due to memory load processing).

Here are some sample photos taken using the BlackBerry Torch 9800 (without flash):

BlackBerry Camera Closeup

BlackBerry Cup

Well, it does take decent pictures under the condition of decent lighting or outdoor daylight. It gets very grainy and what they usually call it as ‘ISO noise’ when the lighting is not sufficient. Apart from that, take a look at these photos below:

BlackBerry iPhone Camera

It’s a comparison of two photos taken with the BlackBerry Torch 9800 as well as the iPhone 4. Both phones with 5 megapixel camera, autofocus and flash as well. If only you could see the differences…

The video camera mode does record video (well, obviously) but i wouldn’t say it is a good recording device. The video quality is mediocre-average, lacks advance features such as white balance setting, etc… The video resolution is a turn off, like what… 640×480? Seriously?? If only the BlackBerry Torch had at least a 720p HD video recording capabilities and a better camera processing technology or something, it would be a perfect device already!


My dissatisfaction on the BlackBerry Torch 9800 camera?

1)  Very grainy / high ISO noise
2)  Mediocre autofocus (especially for photo taking, video still not bad)
3)  Inaccurate colour rendition and less vibrant
4)  Inaccurate exposure adjustment (sometimes only, if it’s either too bright or too dark)

Other than that, it would be an awesome camera to have with your BlackBerry Torch 9800 and it is a definite improvement from the other existing BlackBerry smartphones. Good for casual users who doesn’t really mind about the quality, the format, and here and there…

P/S:  Final BlackBerry Torch 9800 review post coming up soon! Please stay tuned… Will be showing the latest BlackBerry OS6 (with video) :)


There are already many apps available for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 but here I will show you what are my most frequent used apps (FREE ones) on the BlackBerry Torch 9800 (or whatever BlackBerry phone models).

:: Sorted in alphabetical order ::


BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger

Well of course, which BlackBerry users wouldn’t use this? It is one of the most popular features on the BlackBerry smartphones as it connects to other BlackBerry users anywhere, anytime for instant chatting, sending and receiving photos, etc.. Just like SMS, for FREE! (well, that’s if you have BlackBerry Internet Service in your phone lah)



Capture It

Capture It BlackBerry

This is one of the on-device screen capture application which is free. You could just access the menu option and capture almost any screen shot or assign it to a convenience key for even easier access. Best screen capture application on the BlackBerry!




Facebook BlackBerry

This application needs no further explanation. It’s a free BlackBerry app to keep your status up-to-date while you’re on the go. You can upload and directly share pictures through the application as well.



Google Maps

Google Maps BlackBerry

This is a great free application which is widely used on the BlackBerry as an alternative to GPS.

A must-download application as well if you’re always on the go driving!



Opera Mobile Browser

Opera Mobile Browser BlackBerry

This is an application which is not just useful but really necessary for any smartphone users with internet access on his/her phone. It gives you great features such as tabbed browsing and many more. However with the BlackBerry OS6, their own built-in mobile browser has already improved a lot and I would say it is better than Opera browser already. So, if you’re on OS6, download this only if you want an alternative to the built-in browser (which is good enough already).



Plug It In

Plug It In BlackBerry

This application helps you manage your phone battery. Using this app you can setup, when you want to be alerted that your battery is low in terms of percentage. Not a must-download, but it’s useful nonetheless :)




UberTwitter BlackBerry

Twitter application which supports all Twitter features such as photo integration, embedded videos in tweets, tweet shrinking and URL shortening. Good alternative to the official Twitter for BlackBerry application.



WordPress for BlackBerry

Wordpress For BlackBerry

With this application you can write a new post, edit posts, manage comments on self-hosted WordPress blogs. It’s a must-have if you’re always on the go and no time to face the computer. Just blog on the move!



So, what are your favourite applications for the BlackBerry? :)


Wedding Photography

Blog was on hiatus these few days because i was busy and couldn’t find any internet access. Assigned to my second wedding photography assignment in Klang & Kuantan, stayed at the hotel by the beach during the weekends. It was a fruitful experience as my first wedding photography job was actually quite long ago. One thing I would like to point out is that my newly bought camera Sony a33 is NOT really suitable to do this kinda wedding shoots (ask me personally and i’ll tell you my own reasons). And then I was asked to handle another person’s Canon 5Dmk2 as well but without flash; well you could already predict what’s the outcome you see…

Anyway, congratulations Andrew & Melissa :)


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