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Yes, you hear it right. 7aste is happening again this December.

7aste New York

In the past, we had 7aste Cape Town, 7aste Monte Carlo, and now 7aste New York! 7aste world events are all about indulging in the good life. The culture, lifestyle and taste of a selected city are fascinatingly crafted and exclusively brought to you. The limelight is directed on you – feeling exceptional is part of the experience.


10th December 2010 (32 Mansion, Penang)

17th December 2010 (Hex & Mayfair, Damansara Perdana)

Do come join us alright? Feel free to ask me if you’re interested to know more ;)


Charcoal Fire

Do you like BBQ? =)


Now you can win a free Samsung Galaxy Tab!


Advertlets is holding a blogging contest opened to ALL Malaysian bloggers and the prize is of course, the Samsung Galaxy Tab! All thanks to Samsung Malaysia :)

Samsung Galaxy Tab Contest

Although I would like to win this for myself, but heyy we cannot be that selfish to share this opportunity right? So yay, let’s all participate in this Advertlets contest and see who’s gonna win the Samsung Galaxy Tab from ME Samsung Malaysia!

Contest details can be found: HERE


So what is it that should convince you to buy (or to win) the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

From my point of view, here are some of the advantages:

Galaxy Tab Ipad

1. Portability

Here’s the thing about tablets: size is the whole point! I’ve tried my friend’s “Apple-you-know-what-tablet”, no doubt it is nice to use. However, typing on a 9.7″ screen while holding it for an extended period of time certainly is not the easiest thing to do. You need to place it on a surface which kinda defeats the purpose of “on-the-go” at times; i mean, what if you’re in an outdoor situation and there is no table surface for you to place your “Apple-you-know-what-tablet”? So troublesome!

Now with Samsung Galaxy Tab, it is a lot smaller than the “Apple-you-know-what-tablet” and it makes carrying around the device a whole lot easier! You can even slot it into you back pocket or the compartment in your jacket. So convenient!


Galaxy Tab Productivity

2. Productivity

Web browsing experience on the 3G and WiFi-equipped Samsung Galaxy Tab as well as enjoying all forms of multimedia content and continuous communication via e-mail, video call & social networking certainly makes the tablet a powerful yet handy device to carry around. You don’t even need to lug your bulky laptop around anymore! Just ‘swype’ out the Samsung Galaxy Tab from your pocket and increase your productivity on the go! It is also Flash-enabled which allows you to watch YouTube (unlike the “Apple-you-know-what-tablet” which doesn’t support Flash)!


Galaxy Tab Camera

3. Front and Rear Camera

“The lack of a camera on a tablet device is like the lack of copy-paste function on a smartphone” (TechMarketing 2010) Thus, Samsung Galaxy Tab has a decent 3 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash and is certainly one of the deal breaker in deciding to purchase a tablet device.

Not only that, it also has a front facing 1.3 megapixel camera which allows you to perform video calling with anyone! Even with this function, it has already added a serious advantage to the Samsung Galaxy Tab over that “Apple-you-know-what-tablet”.

P/S: Take a look at this video below, a girl proposes to her boyfriend over video calling using the Samsung Galaxy Tab! (the video is in Cantonese though)


Actually, there are plenty more reasons that I have in mind! But then again, I have yet to explore the Samsung Galaxy Tab myself thus I can’t comment much on it YET. Later people might say I’m writing ‘crap’ because I have yet to hands-on the device. So yeah, this is WHY I DESERVE TO WIN A SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB! Lol.

Okay so here’s the thing… since I’ve told you about this contest, would you mind dropping a comment in this post to support me? I need as many comments as possible to win this thing. I promise I’ll let you play with my Samsung Galaxy Tab IF i win it? Lol =D


Shout Awards Bukit Jalil

Shout Awards Passes

Shout Awards 2010

Henry Golding Sarah Lian

Cherli Bryan

Cherli Chang

The Shout Awards is a TV special award ceremony event dedicated to give recognition to those who have made great impact and creative breakthrough in Malaysian music, film, TV and radio industry. The very Shout Awards 2009 was held last year, and this year it happened once again with Shout Awards 2010 being held at the same venue @ Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil.

Thanks to Celcom Xpax & Sirens Media, i managed to obtain a pair of VIP X-Zone passes to the event on Saturday!

We arrived just before 8pm and the stadium was already full!! packed!! penuh!! mannn!! Luckily enough we managed to squeeze in to the bottom deck and found a row of empty seats. We were separated from the other bloggers group sitting on the other side of the stadium though. Certainly did not expect the event to be THAT packed, even the upper deck of the stadium was full!

Last year’s Shout Awards 2009, Bunkface was the big winner. So who’s the biggest winner for Shout Awards 2010?
(list compiled by EwinEe)

Best Rockstar Award    :    Bunkface
Favourite TV Personality Award    :    Zizan Raja Lawak
Breakthrough Local Feature Award    :    Lagenda Budak Setan
Best Popstar Award    :    Yuna
Power Vocal Award    :    Faizal Tahir
Fresh TV Series Award    :    Nur Kasih
Favourite TV Program Award    :    Showdown 2010
Music Video Award    :    Bunkface
Flava Award    :    Mizz Nina
Hot Guy Award    :    Henry Golding
Hot Chick Award    :    Scha Al-Yahya
Coolest Radio Announcer Award    :    Phat Fabes
Favourite Radio Show Award    :    Hot FM AM Crew
Best On-Screen Chemistry Award    :    Afdlin Shauki and Liyana Jasmay (Papadom)
Mobile Artiste of The Year Award    :    Sixth Sense
Break Out Award    :    Yuna
Ultimate ShoutAward    :    Yuna



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