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I have always kept handwritten notebooks and found it more practical than typing it on computer notepad (although it’s much more convenient, but still..) But I had never bought a Moleskin notebook ever despite all the buzz and hype going all around describing Moleskin as if it’s like a limited edition superb notebook thingmajig! So one day I decided to drop by Borders @ The Gardens…

Borders Bookshop

And since Borders is one of the many participating outlets for the BCard loyalty program, I decided to redeem a Moleskin for myself using the existing points in my BCard.

Moleskin Bookshop

Sooo many types of Moleskin to choose from, all also sooo expensive! To be honest I’ve always thought Moleskin is just an overrated notebook that doesn’t worth the money spent buying it hahaha.

So, I went to the counter and asked if I could redeem my existing points in my BCard to purchase the Moleskin…

Borders Staff

Fortunately they said yes! Happy because I managed to get a Moleskin without paying for it, all thanks to the accumulated BCard points woots! ;)

Borders Gardens


Bcard Points

What is BCARD?
A premier lifestyle and brand-focused reward program which allows members to collect and redeem points at participating outlets.
Currently, BCARD is available at 300 stores, Nationwide.
BCARD is unique as it rewards points both ways – when you spend and when you redeem.
BCARD is a pre-activated card and you can use your BCARD immediately to collect points.
A member will receive a PIN via SMS or e-mail from BCARD after BCARD receives the member’s details from the merchant.  PIN is required to check your points or to redeem at the store or online.
BPoints will be awarded to you when your BCARD is swiped and terms and payment are fulfilled. Your BPoints can be redeemed at any BCard participating outlet near you or you may redeem exclusive items online at www.bcard.com.my
BCARD Benefits
- No annual fee
- Lifetime membership
- Rewards you twice i.e. when you spend and when you redeem
- Instant Redemption at the stores i.e. allow you to “cash-in” points for immediate cash rebates
- Exclusive Online Redemption at www.bcard.com.my
- Points Value is fixed i.e. 1 BPoint = 1 sen (100 points = RM1)
- Allow partial redemption (a minimum of 100 points)
- Check Points via SMS and online
- Points expiry is 36 months after issuance (on a first in, first out basis)


Shop and dine with BCARD at 300 stores nationwide!

Also, don’t forget to take part in the Bcard Swipe and Win contest from 2nd January 2012 to 29th February 2012 to win some cool prizes like an all expense trip to London!! Check it out on www.bcard.com.my for more details.

BCard hebattt!! ;)

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