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Are you BOLD enough to face your fears?

Face Your Fear

If you still remember the show ‘Fear Factor‘ on TV where contestants had to complete extreme stunts, consume gross creature crawlies, face their nightmare experiences all in one show; now we have a somewhat similar local version of it and it’s on national radio.

FlyFM Paranoid Activity (co-organized by New Straits Times) offers up to RM40,000 for contestants who bid for the daring challenges each day to overcome their fears.

FlyFM Paranoid Activity

That’s a pretty huge amount of cash, eyh? Who says facing your fears isn’t worth it?

Here are some of the challenges during the past week:

Challenge 1 : FlyFM Paranoia’s Next Top Model

Zuhaili won the lowest bid at RM2 to take on the very first challenge of FlyFM Paranoid Activity.

His challenge was to pose in front of the camera… with reptiles/creatures! He seemed pretty comfortable with all the geckos, snakes and all because apparently he works in Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park. However, he’s really afraid of spiders (hehe..)

At the end of the day, he managed to complete the challenge. Not only he got himself his RM2, but he also got an extra RM1000 for being double dared and being so sporting with the tasks although he has arachnophobia (fear of spiders)!


Challenge 2 : FlyFM Brew of the Day

Chef Shamsudin blended a mixture of chicken liver, oats, milk, wasabi, milo, and egg plant for Sunny, FlyFM Paranoid Activity’s second contestant. The starting amount to bid was RM9500 and he won the bid for RM95.8! He thinks he can get it through easily just because he bid for 95.8 (FlyFM radio frequency)? Ha ha ha.

Well yeah, Sunny downed the first glass like a chanpion. He was then double dared to drink the same second glass in 60 seconds for RM1,500 and he walked away with RM 1,595.80 at the end of the challenge! Wow super easy money, me thinks.


Challenge 3 : FlyFM Sniper on the Loose

As for this challenge, the contestant has to evade himself from being hit by the paintball. He has to run for his life and will lose RM100 for every shot he has on his body.

He got shot 5 times in 15 seconds, lol poor guy. However FlyFM was generous enough to give him a second chance! He was able to go through the entire shooting ground without getting shot and he walked away with RM1000 at the end of the day. Easy peasy!


Challenge 4 : FlyFM Blindfolded Wheel

Muhammad Aizad took the challenge and he tried 5 times and failed. And as usual being the generous radio station, the FlyFM peeps decided to give him a second chance! He managed to go through 50m on a bumpy ground and walked home RM1000 richer on that day! Worth it, yes?


Challenge 5 : FlyFM The Swamp

As for this challenge… ewww. Challenger Ruben Ravi Fernandez has to retrieve 15 earthworms within 5 minutes!

Although he failed the first 5 minutes challenge as the mud was too deep in, he got another chance to overcome his fear for worms. He managed to retrieve 13 worms during the second chance but an extra 30 seconds was given to him to complete the challenge (how kind FlyFM?).

At the end of the day although he didn’t really successfully completed the challenge on time, he still walked away with RM250 in his pocket yo! :)


Tune in to the Pagi Rock Crew every Monday to Thursday from 6am to 10am, and listen as they reveal the challenge of the day and the starting price. Call in, or text FLY <space> PA <space> BID VALUE to 33399, and show them just how low you can go from the starting price to face your fears! The lowest bidder of the day will be the one that gets to execute the challenge. Bidding closes at 7pm daily, and another round will begin the next day.

That’s not all! Every Friday, there’ll be an unexpected Mystery Friday revealed in New Straits Times. Listeners have to grab a copy of the newspaper to find out what the challenge and starting price is, and the search for the lowest bidder will continue on air. The 5 lowest bidders at the end of each week will take on their fears on the ground, and must successfully complete the challenge that they bid for to walk away with that cash cow!

Stay tuned as I’ll update you on the second week of the FlyFM Paranoid Activity :)


Two weeks ago, SOLD.MY had their official grand launch of their live bidding website @ Gecko Gastro Bar.

Over 50 bloggers + media attended the grand launch whereby all of us witnessed a ‘Live Bidding’ auction. Members of the media had the opportunity to bid for an iPhone 4s!


What is Sold.My?

It’s an exciting, innovative and reliable auction website offering new products at bargain prices. Like super duper cheap okayy, you seriously should go check out the site as you can find the hottest tech gadgets, hotel stays, travel deals and many other interesting goodies up for grabs!

All auctions start from RM0.00 and all products are brand new & shipped directly from the relevant suppliers. Each time a person enters a bid, the current price increases by 15 cents and the time remaining increases by up to 20 seconds. When the timer reaches 0 seconds, the last successful bidder wins the right to buy the product at the final auction price (usually at 60 – 98% off the retail price).

“Tokens” are required to bid on the auctions. Each Token costs RM1.50 and can be purchased from My Page. Registration is fast, simple and free. No credit card information is required. We will give you 10 free Tokens with your first purchase of any of our Token packs. And unlike any other online auctions, you do not have to pay to place a bid and the bid price is 100% determined by you. At, each bid uses one Token (RM1.50 each) and all bid prices start from zero with fixed bid price increments. This way, we are able to keep the final bid prices extremely low. Both auction types have timer elements; the only difference is that at, the timer extends by up to 20 seconds whenever a bid is placed.

So yup, don’t miss out on all the exciting deals on SOLD.MY! Click click click ;)


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