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Amazing Everyday.

Nokia Lumia 800

The Nokia Lumia 800 is the first child of the marriage of Nokia & Microsoft – the first true Windows Phone. Nokia Malaysia was kind enough to pass me a unit to try it out and what have I gotta say?

Simply Amazing.

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800 is a stylish and sleek smartphone with an easy-to-use & attractive user interface. It utilises ClearBlack display whose super bright display makes it perfect for people on the move. The AMOLED screen on the Lumia 800 is very nice to look at. It may not go as bright as S-LCD equivalents, but the colours are deep and lustrous and blacks are truly black.

It’s an amazing smartphone for social media addicts especially as it comes pre-loaded with Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms where you can integrate your phonebook contacts with their social media profiles and check their updates right from it. GPS is also available out of the box as its Nokia Maps is perfectly made for people who often gets lost in their way to a certain destination haha. It also has an extensive app library in the name of Windows Marketplace. Although not as extensive as Apple Store or Android Marketplace, they’re surely on their way there. Microsoft Office is also pre-installed in every Nokia Lumia 800 and it makes it convenient for people to check their documents/presentation slides/excel sheets/etc.

Black Nokia Lumia 800

I’ve found the battery life to be no more than adequate. Even with no usage at all during the day, apart from being left on standby, I’ve seen the battery charge drop from 100% in the morning to 30% before the night ends. Some phone calls, web surfing and a few texts in the course of a day plus use of email account and social media updates have seen it drop down to 15% by early evening. But fret not, as I heard that Nokia came out with new firmware to help extend the battery life of the Lumia 800 (which I haven’t updated yet).

The Lumia has a well specified camera with 8 megapixel resolution via a Carl Zeiss lens and dual LED flash. It is also capable of shooting 720p videos. In common with other Windows Phone devices, the Lumia has a ‘touch to focus and shoot’ facility- tapping the subject on the screen can cause the focus to centre and then expose the shot automatically. Alternatively a half press on the camera button sets the focus and a full press takes the shot. My verdict for the camera? It shoots good daylight photos with natural colours (which is awesome), but in low light and macro shots, it definitely need more improvements as the camera from other major flagship phones out there definitely beat down the camera quality output from this Lumia 800.

Nokia Lumia 800 Black

Overall, the experience from the Nokia Lumia 800 is something worth holding onto. The Windows operating system itself is so engaging and enabling. This phone does pretty much everything you’d expect from a smartphone and more and it isn’t overly expensive either. It isn’t the lightest handset out there but its smooth curves make it a joy to hold. Yes, the phone has bearable imperfections but that’s how technology works anyway because you can’t have the perfect device otherwise there won’t be any upcoming better devices in future. That’s why Nokia is constantly providing support and pushing out fixes and updates.

Of course you may be too comfortable with your current iOS / Android platform, and I know that a change is sometimes too difficult to be made due to various factors. However if you don’t try to step out of your comfort zone, what would be your compasses towards future growth? :)

Here are some of my peers’ feedback regarding the Nokia Lumia 800:

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4 Responses to “NOKIA LUMIA 800 REVIEW”

  1. Nokia Lumia 800 is a good phone, I have tried it at the store lately, but then I am looking forward for the bigger screen version – Lumia 900! =D

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  3. Joseph Cheok Meng Fai says:

    I really like the phone. Will be switching over from my age-old blackberry…


  4. smartphone says:

    This Nokia Lumia have all features to beat android and other Smart phone and it is very economical. It is a wise step taken by Nokia.


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