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Samsung made a bold attempt here to distinguish itself from the numerous slabs of black, brick-like and boring smartphones in the market. The Galaxy S3 features a curved display for easy navigation while keeping the front very minimalistic, with only a home button flanked with a Menu and Back button. Samsung marketed this phone as “designed for humans” (you don’t say?!). The Samsung Galaxy S3 features a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED 1280 X 720 display which is pretty good! And all the other new features such as Smart Stay, S Voice, S Beam, and many more… it just makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 a strong contender against the other high end smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is definitely a great phone, and will win the hearts of previous Galaxy S owners, but I would suggest that you take your time, read more reviews, and decide for yourself.

I’m not much of a writer, so can you spare 2-3 minutes of your time to watch the video below to see what have I gotta say and love about the phone?

Cheers mate!


Bad luck struck me today. The ceiling fan in my living room just broke down.

Broken Fan

My ceiling fan had always been switched on all the time. It’s the jack-of-many-trades, useful in nearly every home space and in virtually every décor. It’s also a necessity for us to cut down on our utility bills, you won’t want to max out your bill charges don’t ya?

But yeah, my ceiling fan broke down today. What a pity, so I’m guessing we’re gonna go shop for a new ceiling fan now. I’ve been hearing those radio ads, KDK safety feature fans… Been researching about it and it looks pretty good. A consumer should purchase a fan that has a good motor, that is energy efficient and most importantly it is SAFE. So yeah, I’ve been thinking about that KDK fan.

KDK logo

What you guys think about it? Any of you have KDK fans at your home?


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