Published by bryanlyt, on June 7th, 2013.

Mobile phone colours had always been pretty standard with either black or white body. Not only mobile phones, but other electronic devices too! This makes it unfair for those people who love other colours as they were left with no choice but to choose a pre-standard colour. However, Samsung has always been hearing out customers’ opinion and requests. They’ve recently launched the Samsung Galaxy Note II in Amber Brown colour, specially for those people who seek for strong, elegant yet comforting and down to earth.

Samsung Galaxy Note II has been a pretty hit in stores around the world and definitely it is an impressive phone from Samsung. With such a great phone, it became even greater as it is now available not only in standard colours but with Amber Brown as well. For those who seeks for a serious, organized yet strong and elegant looking phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note II Amber Brown might be the phone you’re looking for.

In conjunction with the new colour, I also made a short video about a guy (Vincent) and a girl (Careen) who had been childhood friends since primary school. The guy’s favourite colour is brown and he likes everything brown. The girl prefers white but instead of despising the guy’s choice of colour, they maintained really good friends (or rather best friends forever if you would call it) even as time goes by from young to teenage and then working adult. Nothing beats a love like friendship.

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