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So, I recently came across a pretty interesting video that I saw someone shared on Facebook – “Hi Hey Hello – A Modern Day Love Story”. It was posted in May 2013 so probably some of you might have seen it already. It may be considered as an advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S4, however try watching it without putting in consideration that it’s an ad and it’ll certainly give you a tinge feeling of happiness & smile. It is suffice to say that it is charming and cheesy, yet it has just the right amount of whimsy in it.

This musical short film showcases the modern version of the oh-so-infamous stories of all – boy meets girl concept. It features some of the cool features found in the Samsung Galaxy S4 such as Dual Shot, Smart Pause, Drama Shot and Air View. As what the video description wrote, ”We all remember how it feels to fall in love. But times have changed. We’ve become more sophisticated. Our instincts developed. And so has the Samsung GALAXY S4.” Yup the Samsung Galaxy S4 has certainly changed not just in terms of features but the way it is being used by everyone as well.

Check out the video below and tell me if you liked it as well!


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