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Samsung Group Play

You might be familiar with the Group Play function if you own a Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4.  The biggest upgrade is the ability to now play music through Group play.  I should also point out that this new feature is only on the S4.

When you open Group play you have the option to create a group or join a group. When you select create you are prompted to set a password. If you are joining a group and the creator has set a password you will need to select join and enter the password. The first thing I tried was the share music option…what was all the hype about? Was it really that cool…uhmm yes it is pretty cool!

Samsung has really made it easy to share images, music or documents. Here are a few things that I learned about Group Play:

  • The Application is controlled by the “master device” or the device that created the group. This device can skip, rewind pause or stop tracks. It also controls the volume on all devices, or individual devices. It can set up the speakers, left or right, based on where the devices are located. It will also control which image or document is being displayed when in images or document share.
  • When you share images you can draw on them as well, and so can other group members, colors populating in differently for each user.
  • Select and share multiple images or music tracks.
  • You can’t use Group play and the internet at the same time, beacause group play requires the hotspot feature to be enabled.
  • Even if one of the S4’s had no internet connection (nor wifi), they’re able to connect to the group and take part in the sharing experience as well.

So whether you want to get friends together and let them enjoy your music simultaneously or wirelessly connect devices to play games and share photos, the S4 allows you to do it. Essentially it turns a group of Galaxy S4 phones into a complete network. Clever, eh?

Samsung WatchON

By now, you’ve probably heard of all the great features, benefits & widgets that one of the best smartphone options to date has.  The Samsung Galaxy s4 has superior camera quality and access to almost any app ever created but did you know that you could be missing out on one of the greatest apps that’s living on your S4 right now?

The Samsung WatchON app represents the ultimate entertainment companion. You can watch whatever you want, on the device you want, anywhere in your home or on the go.  You can search, discover, explore, and access what’s on live TV, and on-demand movies and TV shows – across multiple video-on-demand providers.  It is so smart that it actually recommends TV shows and movies just for you. And the more you watch, the smarter it gets. As your personal preferences take shape, Samsung WatchON offers you recommendations inspired by your viewing history.  Anytime an episode is on or the movie is coming up, I’m constantly in the know via the WatchON app.

With WatchON, you can search, discover, explore, and access entertainment across multiple content providers – all from a single location. Forget the days of bouncing between different video apps and live TV Samsung WatchON brings it all together for you in one place.  Start watching a show on your smartphone and continue watching it on your tablet or tv without a hitch… if you haven’t tapped into the power of your WatchON app now’s the time to give it a try.


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