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MTV handed out its golden popcorn trophies Sunday for the 22nd MTV Movie Awards. This year’s awards – hosted by Conan O’Brien – featured male objectification, meme-inspiring animals and a special tribute to a fallen actor. Here are some of my favourite moments from the MTV Movie Awards 2014:

1. Celebrity Galore

Conan O’Brien managed to cram up 50 celebrities (including himself) into an opening video clip for the Movie Awards 2014. Epic? Haha have to say kudos to him, even though some of the celebrities were acting awkwardly towards his confrontation lol.


2. Exclusive opening battle scene for the upcoming movie ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ 


3. Nicki Minaj’s bongo… lol


4. Zedd x Ellie Goulding’s performance
(I’m a fan… lol)

5. Taylor Swift’s brief cameo in Conan’s opening clip
(I’m a fan, again… lol)


6. Katy Perry’s brief cameo
(I’m a fan, again and again… lol)


7. twentyonepilots performance
(discovered a new band)


8. Zac Efron naked… I mean, yeah you get what I mean…
(not really a fan of him, but hey this seems like the highlight of almost every girl lol)


There you go. If you haven’t got to know the award winners’ list, check out below to read more:


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