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Hi, I love to eat! But as much as I eat loads everyday, I find it difficult for my body mass to grow…

Bryan Lim Taylors

(ugh, can someone provide me with express how-to-gain-fats method pls?!)

Now that I’m facing the difficulty of growing my body mass, it appears that we all (yes, not just me!) have a global issue to curb here… Food prices increase every season, they’re getting more n more expensive! I used to be able to buy chicken rice for RM3.00 last time, now it’s so difficult to find a RM3 chicken rice meal anymore. Price swings, upswings in particular, represent a major threat to food security in developing countries. Hardest-hit are the poort. In 2010, an estimated 925 million people in the world were hungry or malnourished. It’s pretty sad to hear that everyday there are more than 25,000 people around the world die of hunger-related causes.

Taylors World Food Day

Recognizing this issue, the Taylor’s Education Group (TEG) pledged to contribute one million meals to feed the hungry, in conjunction with the World Food Day as part of its CSR project. The TEG World Food Day 2011 took place simultaneously across four campuses – Sri Garden Schools, Taylor’s College Subang Jaya, Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas, as well as my beloved Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. More than 4,000 volunteers turned up last Sunday for the charity cause event, contributing their time and effort for the benefit of the hungry all over the world.

Taylors World Food Day

The Multipurpose Hall of Taylor’s Lakeside Campus was divided into different stations in order to increase productivity. Basically what we need to do was filling up the bags with dried food, checking on the quality and sealing the bags, as well as counting and packing the bags into boxes to be sent out. We know that this ain’t some kinda awesome party or whatnot; however with the upbeat music, loud encouraging cheers and happy people with smiles kept the hall going ‘crazy’ for a good purpose!

World Food Day

World Food Day

World Food Day

World Food Day

World Food Day

I can’t help but to be proud of saying that I’m part of the large pool of TEG volunteers along with some of my classmates that day to pack food for the hungry!

Taylors World Food Day

Taylors World Food Day

Taylors World Food Day

With all the volunteers from all walks of life working hard on a Sunday, we’re all proud to say that we’ve done our goodwill to pack 1 million meal packets within a day! In fact from what I heard, it was 1 million meals within 8 hours of hard work! Awesome job everyone, especially Taylor’s Education Group (TEG) for organizing this charity cause campaign!

Taylors World Food Day

The finished food packs were then distributed to crisis-burdened areas or school feeding programs locally as well as around the globe including Somalia.



Taylor’s Lakeside Campus held their open day since Friday until earlier today. I’m sure those of you interested in studying at Taylor’s would have already dropped by the campus, right? If not, it’s your loss. But no worries because I’ll be showing you here what you can expect when you enroll in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus.

Taylors Lakeside Campus

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Taylor’s Lakeside Campus Open Day!!

Taylor’s Lakeside Campus Open Day!!

Taylor’s Lakeside Campus Open Day!!

Taylor's Lakeside Campus

Are you excited? Can you sense my excitement? LOL okayy fine, cut the crap. I am already an existing Taylor’s University student myself, studying in Taylor’s School of Communication. So basically, Taylor’s Lakeside Campus is having their open day this coming weekend:

Date :  17 – 19 December 2010 (Friday – Sunday)

Time :  10.00am – 5.00pm

Venue :   Taylor’s Lakeside Campus (map)

Drop by to meet the Deans, career counsellors and industry experts who will help you chart out a tertiary education that will lead you to your dream career. Some of the highlights during the Taylor’s Lakeside Campus Open Day include:

• Early Registration Discount (promo till 19 Dec 2010)
• Register for Scholarships
• Talk to the Deans and Lecturers
• Science of Food Workshops
• Career Test
• Campus Tour
• Free Hot Air Balloon Ride (10am – 12noon)
• Test Drive a Student-Designed Car

Awesome eyh? iknowright! SPM leavers, you might wanna drop by to have a look! If all these highlights aren’t convincing enough for you to head over to the Open Day this weekend, then I shall tell you this…

I AM GOING TO BE AT TAYLOR’S LAKESIDE CAMPUS OPEN DAY along with few other friends, so please do come and I’ll give out free hugs! :D

Facebook Event ||  Taylor’s Website


This morning in our Reporting for Media lecture class, mister lecturer showed us the movie – The Hunting Party

The Hunting Party

Good movie!

Before the movie, mister lecturer told us something like this “Please bear with the ‘obscene’ words used in the movie, don’t try to remember those words…” haha oh well, if you get it.

But despite that, there were people who were bored during the show.

Some slept.

Sleeping Class

Some ate in class.

Eating Class

And many more…

Bahhh. random.


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