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MTV handed out its golden popcorn trophies Sunday for the 22nd MTV Movie Awards. This year’s awards – hosted by Conan O’Brien – featured male objectification, meme-inspiring animals and a special tribute to a fallen actor. Here are some of my favourite moments from the MTV Movie Awards 2014:

1. Celebrity Galore

Conan O’Brien managed to cram up 50 celebrities (including himself) into an opening video clip for the Movie Awards 2014. Epic? Haha have to say kudos to him, even though some of the celebrities were acting awkwardly towards his confrontation lol.


2. Exclusive opening battle scene for the upcoming movie ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ 


3. Nicki Minaj’s bongo… lol


4. Zedd x Ellie Goulding’s performance
(I’m a fan… lol)

5. Taylor Swift’s brief cameo in Conan’s opening clip
(I’m a fan, again… lol)


6. Katy Perry’s brief cameo
(I’m a fan, again and again… lol)


7. twentyonepilots performance
(discovered a new band)


8. Zac Efron naked… I mean, yeah you get what I mean…
(not really a fan of him, but hey this seems like the highlight of almost every girl lol)


There you go. If you haven’t got to know the award winners’ list, check out below to read more:


I was watching some videos on Youtube and I stumbled upon some cool ads by Samsung Taiwan for the Samsung Galaxy S4. We’ve seen many commercials where rival companies would be made fun of or where the features of the gadget would be displayed as flashy as possible. You know how it is with rival commercials. Pepsi makes fun of Coca-Cola, iPhone and Samsung makes fun of each other. It’s really entertaining sometimes, especially when most of the jokes are quite true.

I guess Samsung Taiwan decided to go in a different direction with their ads. The first commercial I watched was entitled ‘Sorry Potter’.

Not really a new one, but I just found out about it. No idea why it’s called that but the humour is there and we get to see some of the features found on the Android such as the Air Gesture feature and the Smart Scroll Eye Tracking.

You can check out the commercial by clicking on the video below:

The second commercial I watched was entitled ‘Life of Tien’. You definitely know that it’s a parody of ‘Life of Pi’ and I have to say that this was definitely one commercial where I literally LOLed (Laugh Out Loud).

Check out the commercial by clicking on the video below:

What do you think of Samsung Taiwan’s commercials? Commercial of the year perhaps?

Anyway, feel free to check out the Galaxy Life App on Playstore (

The objective of having GALAXY Life is to build customer loyalty for Samsung products through personalization, curation and rewards. Samsung have a wealth of rewards within this app. So do explore, and encourage your readers and friends and family to explore the app as well! :)


So I’ve been using the S4 for a good 1 year plus, and many people has been labelling me as the Samsung guy and ask me why did I choose the S4 and not other smartphones?  The answer is simple, because I like the idea of my battery is able to be taken out. What if over 3 years and I’m sure batteries are bound to get spoiled. I could just buy a battery from a legitimate Samsung outlet and change it myself. No need to send it to the shop and wait for a week to get a simple job done. Totally hassle free!

The very next thing that I like about my S4 is that I can customize my phone to my own desire. It leaves me with more options and human beings like to have many options to choose from, yea? One of my personal favourite is being able to tweak the interface according to my liking by using this app called “Nova Launcher”. It’s only available in Play Store.

Sometimes I get very lazy when I’m watching TV. And I don’t know why, I can never seem to find that damn remote control. I would be searching high and low, in and out of the couch just to find it. And sometimes I get very careless and accidentally drop the remote on the floor (I’m sure we’ve all done that) and it got spoil. Thankfully, I will be extra careful with my own handphone (more than a remote control obviously) and what’s even better is that it has a built-in infrared blaster than can be used as a universal remote control to my TV! And every other TV, of course. If you’re wondering where is that blaster, it’s at the top of the phone, the little black dot right there. That’s not all!

The phone also has a special app (Samsung WatchON) that pulls in data from your cable or satellite provider and can suggest shows you may like to watch. I love this feature because I like to explore different types of shows on the TV.

The very next thing I like about my S4 is It uses a standard micro USB plug to charge.

Whenever I’m over at my friend’s office. Even though he’s an iPhone user but he’s bound to have a micro USB plug for his powerbank. These plugs are much easier to find than Apple’s special Lightning port on the iPhone 5S. Thumbs up for functionality/normality.

Long before I had a smartphone, I was using a Sony Erricson W660.

I rely a lot on my external storage in my SE because I keep a lot of music in it. So having a phone that I can’t upgrade my storage is really a bummer. Thankfully Samsung S4 understands users like me and maintains that tradition of having external storage :D Now I have 16GB in the internal storage and another 16GB in my external. In total of 32GB for all my photos, music, files, apps and what not. Awesomeeee!

Because of all the extra storages, I need not care about the number of photos I take. So instead of using whatsapp to send pictures, me and my Samsung friends uses NFC (S Beam) to send all that 30mb size of photos in an instant.

Basically It has a near field communication aka NFC chip that lets your phone talk to other devices with NFC. This means you can use your phone to make mobile payments, swap content like photos between phones just by tapping them together, or pair your phone with a stereo with a tap. In short, if you don’t have internet data, you can still share files via NFC. Yay!

Lastly, app developers are slowly realizing that android is the way to go, not just iOS. One of the famous photography app. VSCO Cam has finally came to android recently.

And another one of my fav is Clash of Clans too! I’m so hooked to it.  All these apps were only exclusive for the iOS app store but not anymore. I’m sure we’re pleased to know that developers are seeing a brighter future in the Android market now.

All these pointers basically summed up why I liked using Android. Are you on Android? If not, then when? Why not try out a Samsung smartphone ;)


To celebrate RHB Bank’s 100th anniversary, iMoney + RHB Group will be giving away iPhone 5S and 5Cs and limited edition KakaoTalk plush toys!

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