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So I’ve been using the S4 for a good 1 year plus, and many people has been labelling me as the Samsung guy and ask me why did I choose the S4 and not other smartphones?  The answer is simple, because I like the idea of my battery is able to be taken out. What if over 3 years and I’m sure batteries are bound to get spoiled. I could just buy a battery from a legitimate Samsung outlet and change it myself. No need to send it to the shop and wait for a week to get a simple job done. Totally hassle free!

The very next thing that I like about my S4 is that I can customize my phone to my own desire. It leaves me with more options and human beings like to have many options to choose from, yea? One of my personal favourite is being able to tweak the interface according to my liking by using this app called “Nova Launcher”. It’s only available in Play Store.

Sometimes I get very lazy when I’m watching TV. And I don’t know why, I can never seem to find that damn remote control. I would be searching high and low, in and out of the couch just to find it. And sometimes I get very careless and accidentally drop the remote on the floor (I’m sure we’ve all done that) and it got spoil. Thankfully, I will be extra careful with my own handphone (more than a remote control obviously) and what’s even better is that it has a built-in infrared blaster than can be used as a universal remote control to my TV! And every other TV, of course. If you’re wondering where is that blaster, it’s at the top of the phone, the little black dot right there. That’s not all!

The phone also has a special app (Samsung WatchON) that pulls in data from your cable or satellite provider and can suggest shows you may like to watch. I love this feature because I like to explore different types of shows on the TV.

The very next thing I like about my S4 is It uses a standard micro USB plug to charge.

Whenever I’m over at my friend’s office. Even though he’s an iPhone user but he’s bound to have a micro USB plug for his powerbank. These plugs are much easier to find than Apple’s special Lightning port on the iPhone 5S. Thumbs up for functionality/normality.

Long before I had a smartphone, I was using a Sony Erricson W660.

I rely a lot on my external storage in my SE because I keep a lot of music in it. So having a phone that I can’t upgrade my storage is really a bummer. Thankfully Samsung S4 understands users like me and maintains that tradition of having external storage :D Now I have 16GB in the internal storage and another 16GB in my external. In total of 32GB for all my photos, music, files, apps and what not. Awesomeeee!

Because of all the extra storages, I need not care about the number of photos I take. So instead of using whatsapp to send pictures, me and my Samsung friends uses NFC (S Beam) to send all that 30mb size of photos in an instant.

Basically It has a near field communication aka NFC chip that lets your phone talk to other devices with NFC. This means you can use your phone to make mobile payments, swap content like photos between phones just by tapping them together, or pair your phone with a stereo with a tap. In short, if you don’t have internet data, you can still share files via NFC. Yay!

Lastly, app developers are slowly realizing that android is the way to go, not just iOS. One of the famous photography app. VSCO Cam has finally came to android recently.

And another one of my fav is Clash of Clans too! I’m so hooked to it.  All these apps were only exclusive for the iOS app store but not anymore. I’m sure we’re pleased to know that developers are seeing a brighter future in the Android market now.

All these pointers basically summed up why I liked using Android. Are you on Android? If not, then when? Why not try out a Samsung smartphone ;)


I got my hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to see if the third generation of the original that sparked the phablet craze can rise above the competition that it has brought upon itself.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Size and build

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features a new design over its predocessor boasting a soft-touch back that Samsung is claiming has been designed to evoke the connection between the smartphone and the classic notebooks of old.

With dimensions of 151.2×79.2×8.3mm the Note 3 is actually slimmer and thinner than the Galaxy Note 2 despite boasting a larger 5.7-inch display. Not only that, it’s only 168 grams – 12 grams lighter than its predecessor.

The back is nice to hold, soft but a bit tactile and the whole thing feels very solid. If Samsung products have had a reputation for being overly plasticky and a bit fragile in the past, the Note 3 is certainly going some ways to reversing that.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a 13MP BSI Sensor, Auto Focus camera with Smart Stablisation and a 2MP front facing camera. The video recording capability of the Note 3 is quite remarkable, with it being able to record at Ultra High Definition (4K) in 30fps and slow motion in HD (720P) at 120fps. I had shot some really nice slow mo footages too but my internet’s pretty wonky, couldn’t really upload it :(


Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is powered by a 2.3GHz Quad-Core processor and is the first device from Samsung with 3GB of RAM. This is a step up of the competition and shows that Samsung is not done yet in fighting all out to keep its crown in the smartphone market.

With such specifications, you can be sure that it is faster than the Galaxy Note 2, which only has a 1.6 Quad-Core processor with 2GB of RAM.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 also the first to come with USB 3.0 connectivity. This potentially means faster charger data transfers through USB cable and faster power charging through USB 3 ports. Of course, this also means that for those using other cables (mini-USB, Lightning,etc), you will need to add this new USB 3 cable to the mix.

There are plenty of features in the device, but my favourite would be the Multi Window feature. Multi Window can now support the running of 2 of the same applications at once, such as 2 whatsapp conversations. Coupled with the large screen size and S pen, the Galaxy Note 3 shows us how close we are to viewing the humble pen and paper as a means of taking note in the “olden” days.


Samsung Galxy Note 3: Screen

First and foremost, you get the patented Super AMOLED Screen Full HD screen, which measures at 5.7? diagonally. Samsung seems to always increase the screen size of the Galaxy Note by 0.2? per iteration (Note 1 = 5.3? screen, Note 2 = 5.5? screen).

The pixel density of the screen is 386ppi, so as it is beyond the 300ppi threshold, you know that you will get crystal clear visuals, or for Apple fans – it can be qualified as a retina display. This is a huge step up from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?s 267ppi pixel density.

The screen is also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which is up to 3 times more damage resistant as compared to Corning Gorilla Glass 2. Still, I would definitely recommend a screen protector, just as a precaution.

The viewing angles are excellent, couldn’t find anything to take issue with in my hands-on with the device.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Battery

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 houses a 3200mAh battery, a small upgrade from the 3100mAh battery of the Note 2 – The fact that the Note 3 is slimmer than the Note 2 should have played a part in this.

With that said, with the Galaxy Note 3 being advertised as the multi-tasking device of choice, it is a pity that its battery may be it’s drawback. On the plus side, the battery is removable, something that is increasingly rare, and I would recommend either buying an extra battery pack or a portable charger.

Not only is the ecosystem well equipped in giving you plenty of choices regarding portable chargers, but Samsung also understands this and is one of the few companies that has a very strong line of battery related accessories.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the brand’s most poweful mobile device ever and finally the first Note with a build quality that reflects the price. The features that make the Galaxy Note 3 stand out includes its ability to capture slow motion video and 4K videos, the faux leather back, the 3GB of RAM, all in a slim (8.3mm) and light (168g) body.

To me, the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has strengthened the statement that Samsung listens to their customers’ needs and wants, and I certainly hope that it will continue on as we look forward to 2014.


I’ve been using my new Samsung Galaxy S4 for quite awhile now and it’s time for me to just write down on some of my verdicts on the phone. So for this post, I’ll just start off with the Galaxy S4 camera. A feature which almost ALL of the smartphone users will play with once they got their brand new phones haha.

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 is quite impressive in its looks, shape and lighter weight, it packs an even better camera than the S3 with a 13-megapixel camera on the S4. The great HD screen on the Galaxy S4 fully compliments the camera output from the phone. It also packs with many different features within the stock camera on the Galaxy S4 as well. One of the many features is called Dual Shot where now you are able to photos from the back camera AND front camera at the same time. This helps when you’re taking a group photo but you also want to be inside. Apart from that, it’s also a useful tool for Youtube Vloggers where they vlog on-the-go, showing places they’re visiting while having a small column with his/her face talking to the front camera.

So, imagine that I was actually taking a photo on my computer screen, but I’m also taking a photo of myself using the front camera.

There are many more camera features such as Drama, Sound & Shot, Best Face, Best Photo, Beauty Face, Animated Photo and so on. They are all pretty nifty features I’d say, and I’ll show you some example pictures below.

If you don’t already know, it’s actually quite difficult capturing a photo of a dog running around / hyperactive. My dog is one of them. I took this shot of my dog with Best Photo and it turned out pretty well la. Out of the other shots that were taken, this was the one that was decent and my dog was looking at the camera. Mind you, he actually jumped up to me after the shot was finished (phew).

Now this… was a pretty interesting one. You can actually shoot GIF animated photos with the Animated Photo feature on your Galaxy S4. This was a random test shot that my friend played with during one of my friend’s birthday party. It was pretty dark at the place so the photo didn’t turn out that well but I guess I just wanted to show you that those GIF images you see on Tumblr site is now possible with S4 ;)

The Galaxy S4 camera is great and images are pretty sharp during the day or with sufficient light source, but frankly speaking the low light performance on the Galaxy S4 camera is still somewhat below par though.

This was a random self-shot at a well-litted area full of sunlight. The image came out pretty sharp.

This was taken during one of the shoots for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Amber Brown video, you can check it out HERE. With decent-ish lighting in the restaurant, it looks decent as well.

However… with a low light environment, it suffers quite a bit. This picture below was taken when I was helping Hannah Tan with some video stuff up in Genting One World Hotel. We took a photo along the hotel room corridor and it turned out like this.

Bottomline is… the camera on Samsung Galaxy S4 is pretty decent if you’re lazy to bring out your DSLR everywhere. It’s pretty decent during daylight or with sufficient amount of lightsource. It’s been treating me well so far, I got the pictures that I needed. I guess it didn’t really matter since these days people are so used to putting on filters and edit in photo editing app before posting online haha. Oh did I mention, the Galaxy S4 camera also has a built-in filters while taking photos as well. Many didn’t notice that but you just have to click on the bottom arrow during camera mode (there you go, S4 tips 101 haha).

adidas | adiPure 360 Gym Trainers

adidas adipure 360 trainer

adidas launched its adiPure 360 training shoe last month. The adiPure 360 is a multi-directional and multi-purpose training shoe and they made it available for both men’s and women’s version.

The adiPure 360 is designed to let your feet move as nature intended, while helping you get the most out of your workout. adidas makes claims that the shoes help strengthen, sounding a bit like the shaping fitness shoes. A description of the adiPure 360 training shoe says it builds natural strength, agility and balance. The shoes are designed to make muscles work harder during exercise.

This pair of trainers is made for the gym. The shoes are constructed using super light and flexible materials and supports multidirectional movement. An anatomically designed shoe provides comfort and support. Its minimalism and flexibility makes it a very adequate running shoe though.

The shoes look great too, and comes in different colour combinations as well. Definitely one to buy if you’re a gym goer, very comfortable as it wraps around your leg with the cushion but still leaves space for comfort to prevent tightness.

You can check out the adiPure 360 for both men and women at the adidas Sports Performance Concept Stores in Pavilion, KLCC, Empire Subang, and The Gardens. Retail price of the shoes is only RM350, check it out for yourselves at participating outlets! :)


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