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Many of us know that when Nokia Lumia 800 & 710 were launched months back in Singapore, they offered the Xbox 360 Kinect bundle to the first 100 customers. That was an awesome deal and I was waiting for that same deal to happen in Malaysia. If you haven’t heard, Nokia Lumia is going to be officially launched in Malaysia:

Nokia Lumia 800 Malaysia Launch

But… no Xbox 360 Kinect bundle :(

Instead, Nokia Malaysia is going to offer its first 100 customers who purchase a Nokia Lumia 800 at the exclusive launch event @ Pavilion KL with a FREE Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster + Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse + exclusive Nokia premiums worth up to RM1,000!

Wowowowowowow. Music freaks, rejoice! Nokia fans, rejoice!

Nokia Purity HD Monster Headset

If you’re wondering what’s so special about the Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster, well probably because you haven’t heard of the discontinued partnership news between Beats & Monster… Now that you combine Monster’s recognition of superb audio performance with Nokia’s sleek design, it is one of the headphones which may attract the market segment of those who adores Monster Beats by Dr Dre headphones alike.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is also another great offering! Looking sleek, heard good reviews about it. If you’ve been looking for one, why not just get the whole Nokia Lumia 800 set? Superb deal, you know? :p

Can’t wait for the Nokia Lumia launch next Friday (10 February 2012) @ Pavilion KL!

Nokia Lumia 800 Colors

Touched, fiddled, harrass played around with the Nokia Lumia 710 & Nokia Lumia 800 phone few weeks back @ Nokia HQ. I would say I think I love the integration of apps & the simplicity of the Windows Phone 7 Platform.

Nokia Lumia 800

Hope to be able to get hold of the Nokia Lumia 800 once it is launched! Will you be getting one? Are you going to be the first 100 customers in line?


Hello, my name is Bryan.

If you haven’t really known, I love going to places and exploring new stuff. Backpacking around the world is within my to-do list and I see the opportunity by iMASTravel contest as a stepping-stone to achieving my traveling dream. I haven’t been able to travel much actually; the furthest I have gone out of this country is only Singapore (sadly). One of the reasons is that I am still working hard to save up for my backpacking trip around the world (or at least around Asia to start off with). Yes I am serious when I said I want to travel around the world, mark my words! ;)

Thus far, I have only been travelling within Malaysia and Singapore.

My recent Kota Kinabalu trip in January 2011:


Trip down to Singapore in 2010:


In 2009, I’ve been on the Royal Carribean Cruise that sails on the sea, thus I don’t know if that’s counted as a destination outside Malaysia (I think it should be, right?):


Sponsored Penang trip along with other MAS bloggers:

And a few other places within Malaysia… They were all unforgettable experiences just because I naturally enjoyed travelling to different places! =)

Now that I have visited East & West Malaysia as well as Singapore, I would love to break free from this boundary; secretly have been dreaming of visiting Japan as mentioned in the video above. I know, I know… I am aware of the recent tragic incident happened in Japan and I did not see that coming when I did the video. In fact, the video was shot just a day before the tragedy happened; I seriously felt sad for them. However that isn’t going to stop me from visiting the country. The only way I could achieve that is to save up for the trip.

Here are few tips to save money while travelling (especially on a backpacking trip with minimal budget) which you would not find in any other ordinary travel books & guides.

** Disclaimer: Follow these tips at your own risk! Are you intrigued now? Haha ;)


1)  Get to know the locals

Try to be friendly and chat with them! Sometimes, they will offer to bring you around and that way your transportation will be settled. If you are lucky enough to have met the right person to go along with, you might be offered to stay over at their crib as well (works best insmall towns) which means save money on accommodation! Alternatively, try finding out more about couch surfing =)


2)  Borrow food from hostelers

Please note the keyword I mentioned – borrow, not steal. Borrowing implies two things, (1) permission from the owner and (2) replacement of the item.

It’s usually cheaper to buy food and cook yourself rather than dining out, but are you really going to use a whole stick of butter or carton of milk before you move on?

If your conscience prevents you from committing a possible sin, instead make an attempt to befriend other backpackers staying in the same hostel and see if they would be willing to do some barter trading system in exchange for something you could offer them back. It might work, but there is also a possibility that the people in that hostel are not friendly enough. No harm trying though! =)


3)  Beg for cash on your blog

If you’re going on a trip and you’re a travel blogger, you can try this method (at your own risk). Send a donation link to all your family and friends who are logging on to read about your adventures.

You’re providing hours of entertainment for the people back home by blogging about your trip with breathtaking photos and awesome videos, but those blog readers of yours are getting it all for nothing! Make them pay for entertainment just like how they pay for a movie in the cinema yo! Again, follow at your own risk! I don’t want you to lose your readership haha.


The bottom line

Okay fine, I wasn’t really serious about the tips given above. I mean it was just randomly written but I think some of them would actually work if you could pull it off! Let me know if you’ve done something similar?

Generally if you are kind to people, they will want to help you. Dust off your manners and put a smile on your face, get to know the person dealing with your flight or making your meal, you’ll be surprised at the outcome.

Now that I have given you a smile, would you vote for my entry and grant my wish to travel outside Malaysia & Singapore? I promise I’ll showcase some awesome photos + video logs of my trip (if I’m one of the top three). Just click on the LIKE button below my iMAStravel contest page HERE, please? =)

Written by BRYANLYT.COM for iMASTravel contest.


2010 RECAP

Okay I know this is kinda late, but yeah here’s my first post of year 2011 – a recap of year 2010 hahaha. Apologize for not updating frequently, been lazy-ing around during the holidays until don’t know what to blog lol. Anyway let’s get on with the 2010 recap of BRYANLYT.COM :D

*WARNING:  Photo-loaded post, please make sure you’re browsing it with Streamyx high speed broadband haha*



Royal Carribean

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About 3 weeks ago, a bunch of us went down to Singapore for a 3D2N getaway trip (which include ZoukOut 2010)

This would be a photo loaded post, thus not much words (lazy)

Changi Airport

At the Changi Airport!

Copthorne Orchid Singapore

Copthorne Orchid Hotel, Singapore! LEONARD said that blonde girl looked like Paris Hilton.

City Hall MRT

I like Singapore MRT, so many trains, always on time, but a bit confusing for first timers, too many different routes lol.

MRT Singapore

Singapore MRT

Leonard Chua

LEONARD CHUA the ever ready poser

Bugis Street Singapore


Singapore Girl

This girl…

Promoter Singapore

… she promoted pizza vouchers to them on the streets! And MYNJAYZ acted as if he’s a Singaporean resident and ‘layan’ the promoter girl lol.

Bugis Street

Bugis Street!

Sex Shop

Sex shop!

Suntec City Singapore

Feeqsays Mynjayz




Singapore Bokeh

Singapore Esplanade

Esplanade & Singapore Flyer!

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands!

Ice Cream Stall

Ice Cream Bread

Ice Cream Bread / Roti Ais Krim

Twitter Bird

Found a Twitter bird statue in Singapore, wooots!


Last day of shopping @ ION Orchard before heading back to KL! That’s TCMAINE busy shopping in Sephora lol.

That’s all from Singapore, CHAO SAI!


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